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17th International Triennial of Tapestry Lódz 2022 open Callfor application



ITT is one of the world’s most significant events connected with the medium of textiles. For the 17th time, the Central Museum of Textiles in Lódz invites artists for whom fabric is a source of inspiration, contexts and forms describing our world, to submit their works to the competition.

The theme of the next year’s edition of the Triennial is: Entangled State . Although taken from quantum physics, the term may metaphorically describe many of the phenomena and problems around us. The quantum entangled state is a situation where two elementary particles are linked in such a way that no matter the distance between them, any change to one of them results in an immediate change to the other. However, the appearance of an observer breaks this link. This has provided inspiration for a reflection on our participation in social and public life. Being an active participant requires action and dedication. Passiveness, on the other hand, gives us a false sense of neutrality, while the lack of an explicit declaration or action is also a way to express our beliefs which translate into the reality around us. Artists are the ones to voice ideas, the heralds of change from whom we may expect participation that transforms our world.

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Applications for the 17th edition of the competition can be submitted from 11 June 2021 to 28 February 2022 using the online form in Polish and in English available on the Museum’s website. They will serve the jury to assess the works and indicate artists shortlisted for the main exhibition. The shortlist will be published on the website no later than on 15 April 2022. And the winners will be announced at the exhibition opening on 8 October 2022. The main prize is, in addition to the gold medal, 10.000 euros. The main exhibition of the 17th ITT will be held until 15 April 2023.