“2021 is the year of Changes; a Change in Mindset, a Change in Approach and a Change in the Way We Work “, Mr. Abrar H Sayem, Co-founder and CEO, Merchant Bay Ltd., & Director, Sayem Group

Recently Textile Focus Correspondent talked with dynamic thinker and innovative entrepreneur Mr. Abrar H Sayem. Co-founder and CEO, Merchant Bay Ltd., & Director, Sayem Group. He said, “We believe that to expand our markets, reach out to the right business partners, we need to level up our digital footprint with credibility as that is now the best way of finding and being found.”

mr-abrar-h-sayemTextile focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh for 2021?

Mr. Sayem: I see it calling for a change, a change in mindset, a change in approach and a change in the way we work. The industry will adapt to manufacture for new markets and new categories. Smaller quantities will be more welcomed. This change will not be easy, time is tough, burdens are weighing on shoulders but I believe in the business leaders of our RMG and Textile industry, we will pick up in 2021 by embracing the changes required. I see industry will strengthen at overall.

Textile focus: What was your observation in 2020 during COVID-19?

Mr. Sayem: That we are vulnerable with our existing business ecosystem but, on the other hand we got lot prepared to handle crisis. Government and trade organizations such as BGMEA is always there with this industry and with great capabilities and hence the industry has a long way to go and there is hope. Along with it a core observation was that process improvement and technology has a huge scope to make the ecosystem better with higher efficiency and flexibility.

Textile focus: How we can promote our industry in upcoming days?

Mr. Sayem: By promoting our most important stakeholders, the factories. By branding our production capabilities, compliant facilities and the leadership in a more micro level to the world. We can promote our products by the help of digital media and increase our digital presence with better presentation of our industry.

Textile focus: Any message from you for the industry?

Mr. Sayem: Let us stay in this together all the way and work for the industry by welcoming new thoughts and leadership.