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In 2022, the Turkish ready-to-wear sector anticipates a 15% increase in exports


turkish-apparelIn 2022, the Turkish ready-to-wear sector anticipates a 15% increase in exports. The reason for this confidence is that European markets are anticipating increased Turkish imports. European businesses are looking to Turkey, according to Mustafa Gültepe, Head, Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB), because of supply chain issues, rising freight and logistical expenses. The worldwide economic upheavals created by the epidemic, especially supply chain disruptions across continents, have forced several global fashion retailers to reconsider their reliance on low-cost Asian manufacturing centers. Some companies intend to relocate their manufacturing to Turkey. Turkey, which straddles Europe and the Middle East, is ideally positioned to gain from changes in global supply chains, thanks to its strategic location and strong industrial base. Given the interruptions in supply chains and the fact that global brands prefer to buy from local areas, Turkey and its ready-to-wear sector have a huge opportunity ahead of them. For the first time in seven years, the sector has seen a significant increase in exports as a result of the increased interest.

The country aspires to be at the top of the world rankings. However, issues like as access to raw materials and finance for additional projects would make it difficult to meet the overseas sales target next year.