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2nd Edition of INSPIRATION, a motivational public speaking event for the textile industry held in Dhaka

The first ever motivational public speaking event “INSPIRATION”, edition-2 organized by Textile Focus, an international English magazine for the textile and apparel industry held in Dhaka on 24th February 2024.  


To inspire the young RMG professionals and new graduates many young industry leaders shared their experiences and observations at the event. Abrar Hossain Sayem, President BAYLA, Founder & CEO, Merchant Bay; Mayeesha Mahmud, Director, Cotton Group; Md. Rakibul Islam Khan, Managing Director, Pakiza Knit Group & Pakiza Software Ltd; Seikh Shaheenul Islam, CEO, Windy Group; Rafiqul Islam, Sr. Manager- Business Development, Intertek Bangladesh, Moyeen Hyder Chowdhury, Country Manager, Puma Bangladesh and Pakistan; Mohammad Jahangir Alam, COO Genesis Washing; Kyaw Sein Thay Dolly, Managing Director, Cloth “R Us Ltd.; Sakin Burc, CEO, Queentex Kimya, Turkey; AKM Saifur Rahman Forhad, Managing Partner, WIKITEX-BD; Kamal Uddin Mia, COO, Tarasima Washing Ltd., M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Fous; and S. M. Sumon, CEO, Glorious Tech BD were present as guest speakers.


Abrar Hossain Sayem, President BAYLA, Founder & CEO, Merchant Bay

Learning begins in the workplace where someone is responsible for a certain task and knowledge of that task and responsibility boosts anyone to develop skills. So continuing learning in professional life is more important than being confined to textbooks. Bangladesh’s RMG industry needs dynamic young leaders who can take on future challenges and lead the century. In this regard, I believe the new generation can prepare themselves and overcome future challenges by adapting to new technology.”

Md. Rakibul Islam Khan, Managing Director, Pakiza Knit Group & Pakiza Software Ltd.

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At present Bangladesh textile engineers are thinking of some areas to develop careers where less opportunity to grow and can come out to a lead position because the area has huge competition. So, for a better career path and to achieve quick success everyone should think out of the box or out of the traditional way. Now there are many places where textile engineers can grow their careers rather than traditional thinking. Textile engineers can better serve in the IE department, they can even work in the bank where needed textile expertise. Today, only different thinkers can do better in the workplace. So, think differently and do new think in a better way.


Moyeen Hyder Chowdhury, Country Manager Puma Bangladesh and Pakistan

We are human beings born to learn and utilize them in real life. So, our primary focus should be always on our achievements as human beings and thinking of how we are doing things. We should never point out to others that something bad happens to them rather we must consider our activities are the consequence of bad or good in our lives. Finally, we should have to be grateful to others who guided us, helped us, and took care of us like our beloved parents.”


Kyaw Sein Thay Dolly, Managing Director, Cloth “R Us Ltd.

Everyone must develop a clear vision for his life along with a desire to fulfill his dream. Success comes for those people who never stop before finishing their tasks. So, know yourself and discover what you are, then try to connect your dreams with your life to meet them. To develop your personality and fulfill dreams, learning habits are most important.

Without knowledge and personal prayer, no one can be successful in his life and never can meet his dream.”


AKM Saifur Rahman Forhad, Managing Partner, WIKITEX-BD,

Inspiration is like a lighter that needs only a little spark in life to make a blaze of success. Because you can overcome challenges. Everybody must develop personal skills by knowing the production process in the RMG industry.

In this regard, I believe the initiative of Textile Focus, organizing such a wonderful event can be a great source of developing personal skills and enriching industrial knowledge.”


Mayeesha Mahmud, Director, Cotton Group

To be successful everyone must focus on himself to have faster communication skills with the people. Learning to fail is the key tool to be successful in life so figure out the way to success. To be motivated one always needs to be attached to belief and this is the secret of success. Finally, honesty and ethical values are the best tools to stay strong in the personal and professional life.”


Mohammad Jahangir Alam, COO, Genesis Washing 

The textile industry is the biggest area to develop a career in so before entering the sector learning the sector is the most important. Because the RMG industry of Bangladesh is going towards diversification of products and so the industry needs dynamic leaders, who have technical expertise. Now it has been seen that young are more focused on earning money rather than learning. But success comes only when someone can believe in himself and be focused on career development.”


Sheikh Shaheenul Islam, CEO, Windy Group

For a successful professional life, honesty is the best way to develop personal growth. Because in the RMG business clients want honesty to depend on them as their partner. This can be developed by professionalism and expertise. Inspiration from the inside is the best way of motivation and setting a target can lead to a successful professional life. So, try to be smart from the inside and not deceive yourself. Do the right thing as a representative of the client at your desk when doing work for him. Finally, we must improve ourselves by multiple ways of learning and adapting to new technology that comes into the industry.”


Sakin Burc, CEO Queentex Kimya, Turkey

We are happy to be a partner for such an event organized by Textile Focus. QUEENTEX Chemical supplies chemical materials to the textile sector and develops chemical solutions to the related problems of the sector like pre-treatment, dyeing, and printing auxiliary. We control the impact of all production and non-production processes and supply chains on people and the environment for sustainability.  We believe that sustainable unconditional customer satisfaction can only be achieved by teamwork, which is well-educated and has a sense of belonging. As the Bangladesh RMG sector is the most potential market for future growth we have extended our service in this market. I believe QUEENTEX products can be a good option for Bangladesh for profitability and customer satisfaction.”

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S. M. Sumon, Glorious Tech BD

Glorious Tech BD is focused on washing and dyeing solutions that are needed to create a sustainable textile industry for 21st-century Bangladesh. Our capital partner is Nexia from Italy with whom we have been working since 2020. Apart from Nexia, we are working with Yonghao (China), EPCB Boiler (China), Gboss laser(China), Canworld (China), INVT (China), Allen-Bradley (China), Seimens (United Kingdom), ORDEL (Turkey). Our products can provide the highest technical efficiency and with less energy consumption. I am giving thanks to Textile Focus for making us one of the partners of this event.”

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Md Rafiqul Islam, Sr. Manager (Business Development), Intertek Bangladesh

We are proud to be a partner of this event that Textile Focus organized to inspire the future young leaders of the RMG industry. To be a successful person openness is the prerequisite tool in personal and professional life. Along with study, looking for new ideas for business or earning can be added quality. So, try to understand reality and get the best opportunity to grow in life.”

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Samad, Manager, SIP Italy

We are inspired to be one of the sponsor partners of the event ‘Inspiration’. We develop special industrial automatic sewing machines for the Jeans and apparel industry worldwide and introduce new automation solutions for the best eco-efficiency solutions in the sewing process. We are focused on “Class” apparel industries and are interested in the best product for engineering, quality, and daily productivity output. We have a fully automatic programmable pocket setter unit for jeans & pants, an Automatic programmable belt loop setter unit, feed the arm unit, an Automatic surging unit for front and back panels, a fully automatic programmable unit for coin pocket and facing attaching operation, etc. with the complete solution for a Green Jeans Factory 4.0.”


Kamal Uddin Mia, COO, Tarasima Washing Ltd.

We always focused on the prestigious department of the RMG industry like merchandising or some other places but very few think of working in the washing industry. Working in the washing industry can be a great opportunity to grow in the career through hard work and dedication. So, I inspire everyone to work in the washing industry with full enthusiasm and perseverance.

Mohammad Ashraful Islam Riyadh, Editor, of Textile Focus. Delivering welcome speech


Speakers from different buying houses, MNC country office, and factory top management shared their real-life experiences and how they faced the challenges at different stages of their careers. They shared the opinion that Bangladesh’s Textile and Garments industry is moving ahead toward sustainable development. Today’s textile graduates & and professionals are the driving force for tomorrow’s industry. There are so many developments and changes in the industry and so textile professionals feel confused about which way they should move on. Also, employers are always saying that they don’t get candidates with proper skills and attitudes. The event can be a great opportunity to gear up for the next level of success for the new professionals and graduates opined many of the participants.

INSPIRATION is an event to motivate the graduates/ professionals and guide how they should be prepared. In the session of the event, successful professionals and the owner shared their real-life experiences and expectations with the audience so that participants could get a light to walk rightly in the industry with the proper inspiration. This event was presided over by Mohammad Ashraful Islam Riyadh, Editor, of Textile Focus.

This event was presided over by Mohammad Ashraful Islam Riyadh, Editor, of Textile Focus. This event was sponsored by Queentex Kimya, Turkey; Union Group; Wikitex BD and powered by Intertek Bangladesh; Innovation Partner- SIP Italy; Technology Partner-Yonghao Machinery, local agent Glorious Tech BD Ltd. More than 100 participants from different factories, corporate houses, and universities joined the event. Participants shared their happiness in joining the event. The next INSPIRATION-03 will be held in May 2024.

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