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What Are the 3D Printing Technology Latest Trends 2020


There is no denying the fact that 3D printing is the future of all the industries globally. Ranging from the metal manufacturing industry to the fashion industry, 3D printing is going to replace traditional manufacturing methods of all. The pace with which the technology has grown in the last few decades is reflective of the fact that in 2020 diverse innovative trends are to be expected from it, which means that 3D Printing Business is ready to rule the global economy. Who would have thought that one day we would be able to ‘print’ our imagination? It is as fascinating as it sounds! Keeping in view the rapidly growing 3D printing technology, here are some trends that ready to change the face of industries in 2020:

Printing Cloths:

Although the 3D printed clothes have debuted on the runways they are yet to be introduced in retail stores. The upgradations in 3D printing software appear to be promising and it is expected that 3D printed clothing will become common in the near future. The 3D printer enables you to print a customized design as per your choice and that is well suited for your body, and you can print it in rigid plastic or flexible plastic. All you need to do will be to add your measurements and the design in the 3d printing software and then your piece of creativity will soon be a reality with less time consumption and almost zero waste material production.

Moreover, more 3D printed motives and customized embellishments are expected to be seen on clothing as almost every designer is more focused on producing unique and intricate designs. 3D printing is the best way for designers to add their signature style to the clothing.

Printing Fashion Accessories:


When it comes to the problem of customization and personalizing fashion accessories, 3D printing is the best solution that pops up in mind. 3D printing technology is becoming a preferable material for making complex and innovative designs. The trending mass-customization will surely compel designers to opt for 3D printing technology. It enables you to produce an infinite number of designs conveniently. Likewise, every customer has a different demand regarding the sole design or weight of the shoes. Many high- street brands like Adidas are allowing their customers to try inventing shoes as per their demands, this type of demand can only be met by 3D printing technology. The customized shoe soles and the various designs that can easily be produced using this technology are more likely to become the hottest trend in 2020. From an athlete to a fashionista, 3D printing technology is ready to cater to the needs of everyone. The most common accessories that are being 3D printed include cufflinks, hats, tie pins, rings, earrings, etc. Moreover, metal 3D printing is being beneficial for watchmakers.

Similarly, the fashion industry has often been accused of harming snakes, crocodiles, and animals and using their skins to create bags, clothing or shoes. However, with the global trending of saving the environment and increasing awareness about animal rights, 3D printing is becoming a popular replacement for animal skins and furs. 3D printers are capable of producing material like furs by using thin plastic fibers, likewise, the textures of crocodile and snake skins can be replicated using the advanced 3D printing software.

Future for Prototyping:


3D printing technology is considered to be the medium for prototyping either it’s the fashion industry, metal industry, furniture designer or architecture; everyone prefers 3D printing for prototyping because they are cost-effective and produce an accurate product with less production of waste material and reduced production time. 3D printing is facilitating every field and making communication easy between companies and customers. 3D printing is becoming a significant part of promotional marketing.

3D printing technology is all set to revolutionize the traditional manufacturing methods worldwide. In 2020 it will prove to be the best of all technological inventions by changing the manufacturing world for better. Its cost-effectiveness, less time consumption, environment-friendly production method, customization and multiple other benefits that it offers are contributing to its popularity and rapid adaption by the industrialist. 3D printing is the only medium that can be used to blend creativity and reliability to perfection.

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