3D TECH Festival 2021 to be held from 21-23 September

fb-linkedin3D TECH Festival, the world’s biggest festival of 3D, Apparel and Fashion, is back for 2021. This event will be held virtually on 21st, 22nd & 23rd of September 2021.

Three days dedicated to hitting reset on your mindset. Three days where digital transformation ideas are discussed, debated and celebrated. And this year organizer will be giving a free virtual front-row seat, wherever you are, to see the smartest, most inspiring 3D tech leaders from around the world.

This time event is Free. Virtual. Global. Add 3D TECH Festival to your calendar below and get ready to live-stream your way through three days of the best 3D virtual fashion.

Registration link-  https://motif.org/event/3d-tech-festival-2021/

1st day event topic- “Adopting 3D and Digital Product Creation (DPC)”

Practical ‘real world’ advice and expert insight on how we can adopt end-to-end digitalized product development and management strategies to survive and thrive.

2nd day topic- “Digital Transformation, Technology & Innovation”

Digital advances transforming the way the global fashion industry designs, produces, fits, sells, delivers and communicates with ALL stakeholders and consumers.

3rd day topic- “Welcome to the Metaverse”

Entering the virtual world of the Metaverse has become a necessity for brands. Our speakers will bridge the gap between reality and digital, and digital and Metaverse.

Prominent technical expert from 3D world will be speaking in this event. 3D, Apparel and Fashion technology enthusiasts are welcome to attend this free event.