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44% of the UK apparel retailer are preparing to announce free distribution facilities by 2021


Delivery courier man with medical protective mask on his face holding package with delivery truck on background. Delivery during quarantine time. Vector illustration.In order to attract back online customers, 44% of the UK apparel labels are preparing to introduce free distribution services by 2021 in a retail and wholesale digital operations study on Brightpearl website. Around 34% of these brands expect to give free returns, while 25% expect to launch services Click & Collect by the year ahead. In the next 12 months, another 56 percent of UK retailers plan to shift online. With one third delivering free shipping, 22% providing free refunds and 23% delivering same or next shipping, they are improving online services within six months.

However, in the last 12 months alone, 61% of customers have encountered trouble purchasing brands online, with most difficulties relating to distribution and return issues.