50th International Federation of Knitting Technologists Congress successfully held at Ulster University

The 50 IFKT( International Federation of Knitting Technologists) congress ceremony got closed. The next congress would be held in Canada in 2024.

 Some key members of IFKT participants were from Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and USA.:

Alison guilt -President of Ireland and Professor of Knitwear Fashion and design technology at the Ulster University of Belfast.

International  Secretary- Prof. Dr Marcus. O. Weber  and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mutschler, Julia klausmannand & Prisca Holderied from Hochschule Niederrhein University-Germany.

President of North America-Hitesh Kumar Sharma.

All other members from IFKT also visited the Ulster university campus for judging the student’s artwork in apparel and fashion technology.

In 2020 the International Federation of Knitting Technologists (IFKT) was looking forward to celebrating its 50th Congress however due to Covid19 this was paused and now in 2022, the 50th biennial Congress event of the IFKT will take place in Belfast hosted by Ulster University.

This leading conference in knitting technology and analogous technologies provides an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and the industry to exchange new ideas and practical experiences from a diverse range of knitting experts.

The role of knitting technology both warp and weft cuts across many fields including fashion, interiors, sport, military, medical, automotive, aerospace, fibre technology, Computer Aided design, smart textiles, and technical textiles.

The theme of sustainability is an essential approach in all that we do, sustaining future practice, being sustainable in design, and sustaining our knitting industry.

IFKT 2022 while celebrating its 50th milestone seeks to encourage dialogue and discussion among participants about general topics as well as this year’s special theme.