We are pleased to announce the opening of the bluesign Bangladesh office on October 2018- Walter STREITLER, Head Customer Relation Asia, bluesign technologies ag

bluesign technologies ag, global partner of a sustainable textile industry. bluesign technologies ag was founded in Switzerland in 2000. The unique combination of expertise in key segments of the textile production as chemistry, textile technology, environment technology and supply chain management characterizes. bluesign is not only further develop the independent bluesign® system but also ensure its implementation and maintenance. Cultivating interdisciplinary network, essential aim is to act as a solution provider for the entire textile industry. bluesign technologies ag recently participated at 33rd Dye+Chem Bangladesh Expo 2018. Textile Focus editor M A Islam talked with Mr. Walter STREITLER, Head Customer Relation Asia, bluesign technology ag regarding recent activities of bluesign and Bangladesh textile industry. Key points of the conversation is mentioned bellow for our readers.

Walter STREITLER, Head Customer Relation Asia, bluesign technologies ag
Walter STREITLER, Head Customer Relation Asia, bluesign technologies ag

Textile Focus: How would you define bluesign’s recent activities in Bangladesh?

bluesign: Following the bluesign’s strategy to enter the fashion market with it’s in the outdoor and sportswear market proven solution we consider Bangladesh as the second biggest producer of RMG is a key manufacturing country. Providing education and consultancy services and implement a systemic approach with supporting tools will lead to Chemicals Management and real Detox, improvements on occupational health and emission reduction on mill level as well as resource productivity and costs savings in the Bangladesh textile industry.

Focus since begin of the year, bluesign has contributed speeches on several conferences, participated fair and meet organisation and peoples in Bangladesh in order to understand the needs of the domestic industry. The Dye Chem Exhibition is an ideal platform to further introduce our idea and service.As a global solution provider it is of high importance for us to set up an affiliate office with customer relation staff in a first and technical staff in a second step to provide the services on a local basis.

Textile Focus: How are you considering Bangladesh market?

bluesign: Bangladesh as a relatively young textile country has proven its strength and importance special to the global fashion industry. The success so far was based on qualified people, organized companies with modern machineries and clear customer focus. Rana Plaza clearly hits the success story but even strengthen the industry for the future. Beside social responsibility chemicals management, protection of people and the environment and resource consumption will become the next big challenge and the industry have to adapt to global legislation and new buyer requests. As quality performance was in the focus for the past decades the sustainability performance will get in the focus for the next years. Applying best available technique (BAT) with smart chemistry and intelligent process will be key to improve resource productivity and by using less resources on a higher production output on the same time an important impact and cost reduction factor.

Textile Focus: As you are traveling to many countries how do you compare Bangladesh market with other countries?

bluesign: It appears that the growth of BD is relying on the growth of the RMG industry. Currently there is little awareness on environmental issues. A growing awareness for such issues and a proactive approach can be seen in other countries of the region. In most of the Asian countries the government takes a strong, active role and force companies to improve their environmental performance as otherwise the mills will be shut down.

Textile Focus: How is bluesign adding value to the textile supply chain?

bluesign: With its unique approach based on Input Stream Management together with the broad expertise and in deep experience a holistic solution can be offered to meet today’s and future requirements in terms of chemicals management and overall sustainability performance. By applying BAT an overall reduction of water by 50%, energy by 30% and chemicals by 15% could be reached and therefore reduce the impact to people and the environment on big scale. Company assessments and consultancy will support chemical companies and manufacturer to get the ability to manage risks and continue improve their sustainability performance which finally leads to better scores on buyers rating and increase business. Furthermore, full trace-ability on site and product level monitored on a real third-party platform will reduce costs in long term and provide trust and transparency for brands and consumers. A clear positioning tool for chemical suppliers and manufacturers to expand business.

Textile Focus: Can you please mention the process of bluesign certification process?

bluesign: The bluesign certification process is based on an initial company assessment, the supported implementation of a mutual agreed road map including chemicals change management and evaluation of criteria compliance on mill and product level. In the end, the certificate and use of the label “bluesign® approved” is just the consequence of applying best practice and good work.

Photo: (from left)Walter STREITLER, Head Customer Relation Asia, bluesign technologies ag; Md. Tafsirul Islam, Research Assistant, Textile Focus; M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus

Textile Focus: Which benefits are for brands from bluesign?

bluesign: bands today’s are forced by legislation and consumer requests addressed by strong NGO claims and the brand image is in the focus, which is key to drive purchase intention of the consumers. To manage a complex, global supply chain is a huge challenge and brands have to have a proper product stewardship program in place. The bluesign system with its system partner chemical supplier and manufacturer provides verified information on good chemistry and material and reduces own efforts and costs to guarantee products with a high sustainability value. The trademark bluesign is used as a guidance and provide trace-ability and trust, which the brands can ad to their story for transparency. The brand assessment of bluesign identify gaps at brand efforts and a road map implementation reduce risks and impact of a brands product in the same time.

Textile Focus: Can you please inform regarding recent collaboration of bluesign and ZDHC?

bluesign: As the pioneer that introduced the concept of input stream chemical management to the textile industry, bluesign supports the efforts of the ZDHC initiative to eliminate hazardous chemicals right from the beginning of the textile process. With this holistic approach, bluesign is able to provide services to cover all the ZDHC requirements and even beyond and are recognized as first accepted level 3 verifier. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to clarify with ZDHC the criteria for the 3-level scheme introduced to the market and in positive findings bluesign will provide around 12’000 approved chemical products from the blue finder out of the approx. 20’000 assessed chemical products to the ZDHC platform.

Textile Focus: Any special message you want to convey to Bangladesh textile industry?

bluesign: We are pleased to announce the opening of the bluesign Bangladesh office on October 16th, 2018. Mr. Md. Shahan Shah Reza will be the bluesign customer relation manager for Bangladesh as of that day. He is looking forward to work with the Bangladesh textile industry.

I would urge to BD textile industry to be pro-active! Don’t wait until you are forced to take action. Time is running fast and 2020 will be very soon. Engage with bluesign, reach out and use bluesign as the solution for a sustainable textile production. bluesign has a proven track record since the year 2000. With our holistic approach based on the input stream management we can help the Bangladesh textile industry to become sustainable for a better, cleaner future of the country and the wonderful people living in this country.

bluesign® is a registered trademark of bluesign technologies ag, Switzerland