7 Easy Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable

Looking fashionable is not about spending thousands of dollars on high-end brands. It is the art of how to dress classy even with the basic articles of clothing already lying around in your wardrobe. Not sure how to do that? Follow the tips and tricks below and look for the best version of yourselves.


Don’t always jump on the bandwagon

Trends are short-lived. What is in hype right now might be outdated two weeks later. Chasing after these will only put a strain on your budget, and it’s a vicious cycle with no end in sight. Not everybody can become a fashionista, and neither does everyone have that kind of extra money to blow. Besides, what is trending right now might not flatter your body type or suit your personality.

Following these blindly takes away the ‘you’ from you, which is in no way what fashion is all about. It is about looking good in what you are wearing and learning how to carry yourself elegantly. The key to looking good and put together is knowing what my fashion style is and dressing accordingly. With that said, let’s find out how you can achieve a fashionable look even on a limited budget.

Don’t buy anything you cannot see yourself wearing again

We are all guilty about splurging on items of clothing that we wear only once and then stay in the corner of our wardrobe collecting dust. Buying a fancy dress can be nice, but think about how many articles you could have purchased in the same amount and gotten a lot more wear out of them. Now you do not want to be looking undressed in an event either. The trick is to spend wisely on classic pieces to dress up and down according to the occasion. Invest in some elegant and fancy jewelry pieces to couple with these clothes and elevate the whole look.

Imagine wearing a plain black dress and pairing it with a chunky statement necklace, red stilettos, winged sunglasses, and a classic black sling bag. This outfit is sure to turn heads. Think about the same dress and pair them with classic black vans, a shoulder backpack, and a top knot. That is it; you are all good to go out with friends on a regular brunch. The magic lies in the accessories. Do not waste money in buying stuff that you might never get a chance to wear again. Since you are on the topic of saving money, WriteMyEssayForMe is another writing service that will not eat away your budget. You can get away with using it a couple of times but when it comes to clothes, invest in what gives you value for your buck.

Quit if it doesn’t fit

Are you still clinging on to clothing pieces that no longer fit or never did from the beginning? If you are, that is perfectly normal. People are reluctant to give away clothes even when they do not fit, either because they hold emotional significance or cost a hefty amount. You can keep holding on to these items, but if they do not flatter your body type, what is the point?

A baggy shirt might be a chic look for some, but usually, it will drown your body shape in the extra fabric. If a shirt is too fitted, all of your imperfections will be on show. That is not an attractive look either. You need to dress according to basic fashion rules and according to your body shape. Another helpful piece of advice is to stay away from online shopping. Pictures can never give you an accurate idea. Hit the malls, try on clothes, and then spend your money.

Do not fall for bargains


Oh, so your justification for buying another top that you did not need is the massive sale going on? Not good enough! It is easy to get carried away when brands announce huge discounts. But you end up buying clothes based on their price point and not utility and functionality. Often you buy clothes for a wedding or a function that is not happening anytime soon. A striking deal might seem like a good idea, but do not waste money until you are entirely sure about the occasion you are attending.  Purchase trendy things that you are sure you will get enough use out of and steer away from the items that will add to the heap of untouched clothes.

Familiarize with your wardrobe

An excellent tip is to reorganize your wardrobe—sort items according to categories and colors. Discard the things that do not fit, or you no longer wear.  This way you will find many articles of clothing that you had forgotten all about. It will help you shop intentionally and prevent wastage. You will know what you lack in your closet and what is just an unnecessary expenditure.  Knowing exactly what you own can be helpful by cutting down half the time for creating outfits. Now you can make the most out of your wardrobe.

Play with patterns and textures

Layer a bunch of different textures in one look—, you can either make a statement or choose bold prints to flaunt or create a neutral monochromatic look, making incorporating texture even easier. Stripes and checkered print are some classic options that you can easily include with any look.  The skill of mixing and matching patterns and textures without clashing can be pretty intimidating, but it’s nothing a little research and practice cannot solve. Here are some fabrics that can make any outfit look chic:

  • Leather
  • Snakeskin print
  • Ribbed knit suede
  • Silk
  • Satin

A capsule wardrobe can be enough

Do not underestimate the power of basic and simple pieces of clothing. What if you are told that you can create several new outfits from the clothes you already have? Play around and experiment. You probably own a basic white and black tee. Build your outfits around them, and you will easily create trendy styles.

Think out of the box, pair up the old jean jacket with the yellow sleeveless dress you were not utilizing because you prefer covering up. How about wearing a blazer over a graphic tee? What about a tank top as a saree blouse? You can get creative and become fashionable with what you own already.

By following the guidelines above, you will undoubtedly get a better idea about how to dress better without needing to make a dent in your bank account. Be creative, take risks but most importantly, explore more about your body type and what suits it the best. Looking fashionable was never this easy before.

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