A Four-day-long Training Session on All Over Printing Has Been Held in Dr M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College


On June 07, a workshop on All-Over Printing and Career Opportunities was organized at Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, in presence of the  Manager (CAD) of Unifill Composite Dyeing Mills Ltd, Shawkat Hossain Sohel, as the chief guest and trainer of the program. The principal of the institution, Engineer Md Abdur Rakib and the moderator of DWMTEC Career Club, Mahmudul Hasan, added an extra attraction to the event, being attended as Chair and Guest Speaker. Some other honorable invited guests include Md Ranju Miah, Assistant Professor and Kabir Hossain, Assistant professor, who attended and increased the value of the event. This event was organised and governed by the TES (Textile Engineers Society) Campus team of Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, where Md Rashid is Executive, Campus Team Coordination, Md Mahmudul Islam is Campus Team Coordinator and Bhubon Kanti Dey is Campus Ambassador, whose endless efforts and attention made the event successful. Besides, the efforts and contributions of the volunteers do not wait to be mentioned. The event took place in front of the audiences from all the departments of the campus. The workshop was a four-day-long program, where the earlier three sessions were organized by online classes and the fourth session, a hands-on representation, was arranged at the Auditorium of Dr M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College.

Shawkat Hossain Sohel is the Manager(CAD) of Unifill Dyeing Mills Ltd, who has 20 years of experience regarding the field of All Over Printing sector. He is currently general secretary of AOPTB . Apart from that, he is a part-time Faculty Advisor of Textile Engineering at Ahasanullah Science and Technology University. He is a renowned personality in the field of All-Over Printing for his amazing contribution to spreading his knowledge and experience through several workshop programs and seminars.

The event started at 11:30 AM. The first part of the event contained welcome speeches from the Principal and the Moderator of DWMTEC Career Club and the chief guest. Having a break for lunch, the event continued until 6 PM. The trainer of the workshop, Shawkat Hossain Sohel sir, presented some points about All-Over Printing, the required machinery and components, and some issues that we should take care of while dealing with an order from foreign buyers. He encouraged the learners to question him all the time during teaching. Thus, the whole program was basically an interaction between the trainer and the learners. He shared some valuable insights about his career with the participants from his experience of 20 years as a professional, in the question and answer session, later. The Assistant Professor of the institution, Md Ronju Miah, concluded the event with a speech where he expressed his amazement towards the trainer and chief guest, Shawkat Hossain Sohel. He said, “I can’t imagine myself teaching for hours, alongside the industry’s work pressure, at the age of him.” He cordially thanked him for his selfless efforts to expand knowledge among the students.

The event was an excitement for the audience, in total. All the participants of the workshop gained detailed knowledge and understanding of All-Over Printing from here.

The point to be mentioned is that, this was for the first time a workshop particularly for any industrial involvement had been held in Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, on All-Over Printing, where our honorable trainer was Shawkat  Hossain Sohel sir. Textile Focus played a role in the event as media partners. DWMTEC Career Club was the club partner and Textile Wave played a role as magazine partner.  Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College was the venue partner for this tremendous event.