AAA Control Honored Young Trainers


AAA Control is a leading training and consulting center for textile-garment industrial sector. It has been providing training and consulting since January 2014. Last year, more than 550 industrial personnel were trained under AAA Control. On June 01, 2018, AAA Control organized a crest handover ceremony to its young trainers followed by Iftar Mahfil at AAA Control office. The ceremony was presided by Head of AAA Control, Engr. Momtaz Ahmed. Engr. Reajul Islam Himel, Assistant Professor, BUTex was present as Chief Guest,  Engr. Faizul Haque Arzu, from Sustainable Textile Solution (STS),M A Islam Riyadh, Editor and Publisher of Textile Focus were present as Special Guest. Young trainers are academically BSc in Textile Engineering, trained locally and internationally and hold challenging positions in the industrial sector.