Aamra participates in seminar on Quality Control & Customer Satisfaction in RMG Industry

On 22nd October, 2018, aamra resources limited participated in a seminar about “Quality production and Customer satisfaction in the RMG industry” at the Nascent Gardenia Hotel, Baridhara. The seminar was organized by well-known multinational fashion brand GAP Inc. for their strategic vendors of Bangladesh.


In the seminar officials from GAP Inc. discussed about many types of quality errors such as Shrinkage, Swing, Cutting, Spreading, Washing, Wet process, Testing, Quality Control process and much more. Ngai Shing Development Ltd. is one of the big solution providers of GAP Inc. Ngai Shing and aamra resources joined efforts to explain how the quality error can be reduced significantly through innovative technologies of Ngai Shing. Mr. Cason K.S Yu – Director & General Manager of Ngai Shing conducted an effective presentation where he explained how their solutions and automations can accelerate quality production with cost minimization. The purpose of this seminar was to inform vendors how factories can produce quality garments while ensuring customer satisfaction. aamra resources is the exclusive partner of Ngai Shing Development Ltd in Bangladesh displayed a wide range of solutions that Ngai Shing has in order to tackle the problems as discussed.

aamra resources is proud to be a part of such an informative and helpful seminar facilitated by GAP Inc. and Ngai Shing Development Ltd for the advancement of Bangladeshi RMG Sector.