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In this covid-19 crisis moment our main target is to convert strategically all the challenges into opportunities – Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group & Director BGMEA


TEAM Group is a rapidly growing conglomerate, working in industries including RMG, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT & Real Estate. Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group has elected as Director of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA). Recently team Textile Focus had a courtesy visit at his office to know about TEAM Group, Pandemic situation, his plan about BGMEA. Key points of the discussion are mention here for our readers.


Photo: from left- M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus; Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group & Director BGMEA, Rakibul Islam, Special Correspondent, Textile Focus

Textile Focus: A brief on TEAM Group?

Abdullah Hil Rakib: Since it’s beginning in 2009, TEAM Group has been a company built on a spirit of challenge and excitement. We believe strongly in reliability, integrity, professionalism, total quality management, teamwork, and showing respect to our customers and associates. Our adherence to the real values of life has been the driving force for TEAM Group’s recognition, not only in the garment industry but also in our society.

Our exceptional growth – to a group of 12 companies and 14,000 employees – is something about which we are proud but not complacent. We continue to focus on improving the health and safety of our working environments and reducing our impact on the environment. We always seek to employ and develop enthusiastic individuals who share and appreciate our values, and we retain our talented employees for long periods. As a result of this approach, we are proud to be one of the few entities that seek, achieve and maintain strategic and individual collaborations with World-Class customers, as well as other reliable partners and suppliers on a long-term basis. Through upholding the TEAM philosophy, captured in the company’s ‘Vision, Mission, and Values’, we strive to continue contributing positively to our society. Group’s vision is to become a Genuine Global Specialty Company growing sustainably.

On the way to this goal, the Group is pursuing its Medium-Term Management Plan centered on the evolution of our goal, with a target of becoming a Global Company. Progress is being made on schedule both in strengthening the business foundation and in achieving non-financial targets associated with core businesses.


Textile Focus: How are you observing this COVID-19 pandemic situation?

Abdullah Hil Rakib: In this covid-19 crisis moment our main target is to convert strategically all the challenges into opportunities. We are working together to move ahead taking the advantage of those opportunities. Due to pandemic customers buying and manufacturing pattern have been changed. In addition to this, upcoming robotic, AI, automation implementation impacted our industry a lot. We need to work on these areas to increase adaptability and capacity.

Another focus is to increase SME industry’s productivity, capacity, marketing efficiency, online portal using ability. Business pattern have been changed; we have to work diversified as buyers are not flying to us. Now we have to make a concrete road map, how we can communicate with them and continue our business. We need to address some issues like post pandemic buying changes, cash flow in business, delay payment, negotiation with Govt. for fund mechanism support. Our own financial backup also needs to be taken care by ourselves. Our employees, manager, colleagues also need to support each other to deal with the crisis.

Textile Focus: As BGMEA director what will be your activities in the coming days?

Abdullah Hil Rakib: We have taken the charge of BGMEA in a hard time. We have to think more and plan more strategically to handle this pandemic situation.  I have my plan for working on it with the help of BGMEA’s innovation Centre, RDTI cells, Capacity & Productivity building support in terms of sustainable goals achievements. I will also work on spreading BGMEA public relation wing for branding Bangladesh. We want to represent BGMEA publication Apparel Story” to flourish the positive activities worldwide. Our dream is to transform our country into a developed one. This country is ours’, we expect to breath swelling our chest in this developed world. We will work dedicatedly to fulfill our cherished dream. In these regards we expect cooperative mind set from all stakeholders for branding Bangladesh.