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According to data from TexPro, global domestic textiles exports rose to $95.725.27 million which expects to hit $98.350.54 million in 2022


imagesAccording to data from TexPro, In 2019, global domestic textiles exports rose by 1.89% to $95.725.27 million compared to exports by $93.952.83 million in 2017. overall exports decreased by 2.66% in 2019 over the previous year. The export of market analysis tool Texpro is projected to hit $98.350.54 million in 2022, at a pace of 2.74% compared to 2019. The global import value of home textiles was $64,876.16 million in 2017, which rose 5.64 per cent to $68,534.93 million in 2019 Total imports plunged 0.73 per cent in 2019 over the previous year and is expected to rise to $72,638.11 million in 2022 with a rate of 5.99 per cent from 2019.

China ($32,561.11 million), Turkey ($9,334.65 million), India ($6,873.76 million) and US ($6,244.21 million) were the key exporters of home textiles across the globe in 2019, together comprising 57.47 per cent of total export. These were followed by Pakistan ($4,117.56 million), Germany ($3,519.27 million) and Vietnam ($3,465.89 million).

Between 2016 and 2019, Turkey (19.63%), China (10.11%), and India (8.33%) achieved the most pronounced export value growth among the principal exporting countries. The largest importers of domestic textiles in the world in 2019, comprising 51.71 per cent of total imports, were in the USA ($18,913.32 million), Germany ($5,437.93 million), Japan ($4,434.63 million), UK ($3,487.48 million) and France ($3,168.81 million). The Netherlands (2,455,82 million dollars), Canada (2,161,21 million dollars), and Australia (1,634,59 million dollars) were pursued. Between 2016 and 2019, the US (13.75%), Japan (11.28%) and Germany (9.19.0%) achieved the most significant growth in import value among the major importing countries.