According to OTEXA figures, US imports of swimwear dropped 19.24%


swimwearAccording to OTEXA figures, US imports of swimwear dropped 19.24% between January and August 2020 to $643.37 million. Import fell by 43.45% to 202.78 million dollars in the same timeframe of the previous year compared to 358.59 million dollars. As the decline of US imports in this group is much lower than that of China , Chinese swimming wear orders have been seen to move to other countries.

Bangladesh imports have risen by 75.20%. In its exportations, in January-August 19, the nation clocked $14.12 million, while in the span of 2020 it rose to $24.73 million. Jordan, the largest production destination in the area of MENA, reported a rise of $30.63 million in exports of swimwear to the US of 189.80% each year. Too high exportations from Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Egypt have been 8.07%, 7.73% and 27.60%. Whose exportation to the United States amounted to 164 million dollars, 36.46 million dollars and 23.51 million dollars.


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