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According to preliminary statistics India’s RMG export experienced high rise in August


indias-rmgAccording to preliminary statistics on India’s merchandise trade for the month, RMG exports  climbed 13.99 percent to $1.235 billion in August this year, compared to $1.083 billion in August last year. India’s cotton yarn, textiles, made-ups, and handloom goods exports climbed 55.62 percent to $1.297 billion last month, compared to $833.95 million the previous month. In August 2021, India’s merchandise imports increased by 51.47 percent to $47.01 billion, up from $31.03 billion the previous month. India’s item imports grew by 81.75 percent to $219.54 billion in April-August this year, compared to $120.79 billion in April-August 2020.

In August 2021, the trade imbalance was $13.87 billion, compared to $8.2 billion in August 2020, and $55.9 billion from April to August 2021, compared to $22.7 billion in the same period the previous year.