Accord’s extension in Bangladesh is getting priority

accordThe issue of Accord’s extension remains under judicial consideration. European brands, global rights groups and a group of 190 global investors want Bangladesh to give Accord an extension. They feel terminating Accord’s work will benefit no one — brands, garment makers or workers –and that a premature closure of Accord’s operations in Bangladesh would be detrimental to the health and safety of garment workers and to brands that depend on a secure and safe workforce. 
There is no transparency and no verifiable assurance that the level of factory safety achieved by Accord will be maintained. Bangladesh’s inspection bodies are not yet seen to have the capacity to oversee around 1600 Accord-covered factories. Also, a viable alternative to worker safety training and a worker complaint mechanism offered by Accord is nowhere in sight. In such a situation, it is feared, brands would lose suppliers, factories would lose buyers, workers would lose jobs and factories would become more unsafe. 

As a legally-binding agreement between brands and trade unions, Accord’s mandate remains valid until 2021 and signatory brands cannot withdraw from the program before having fulfilled all their obligations. Accord was allowed a six-month extension until November 30, after its tenure expired in May last.