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Action-oriented guidelines developed by ILO to help Asian garment factories


iloThe ILO has developed six action-oriented guidelines to help Asian garment factories navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and create business resilience. These six guidelines discuss six concerns related to the management of cash flow, cost savings, seeking alternative sources of revenue, creating an online presence, coordinating factories for healthier and more productive operations and engaging with workers.

The guidelines advise factories on handling the cash flow to first consider their cash flow. They encourage producers to cut costs on their factory operations to alleviate financial liquidity and cash flow pressures. The Guidelines also advise factory owners to search for alternative sources of income to survive the pandemic-like disaster aid packages and short-term incentives like PPE. They are advised to set up an online presence to promote their company and encourage contact with purchasers.

They also advise manufacturers to reorganize factories in order to provide better safety measures and improve operating efficiency and maintain good internal relations with employees during the crisis in order to create a more open and efficient factory environment.