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Addressing Policy problems and a smooth supply chain will ensure Continuous Business growth – Engr. Md. Shariful Islam, Managing Director, Auxicolour Bangladesh


Auxicolour Bangladesh is one of the reupdated company for supplying quality dyes & chemical  for textile processing in Bangladesh. Engr. Md. Shariful Islam is the Managing Director who has his B.Sc. in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh University of Textiles (Formerly College of Textile Engineering & Technology). He has been involved in textile dyes & chemical business for a long time and representing world reputed companies i.e Denge from Turkey, DuPont from USA, KISCO from Korea, Ultra-fresh from Canada, Namei Material Technology Company ltd. from China. He is also Organizing Secretary of The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologists (ITET). Engr. Md. Shariful Islam is a dynamic leader and visionary person both in the Textile- Apparel Industry and Social Life. Recently Team Textile Focus met Engr. Md. Shariful Islam talked about recent industry senerio during the ongoing pandemic. The conversation is drafted below


Engr. Md. Shariful Islam, Managing Director, Auxicolour Bangladesh

What is your observation during the pandemic period?

From the business perspective, I will say, we have a good situation.  Though there were both some positive and negative aspects. However, we were stable. As the knit sector was in a good position. On the other hand, there were also some slow movements in the business of woven, washing, printing segment. As a backward linkage chemical supplier, our business was balanced. Every business has some challenging points. Right now for our industry smooth supply chain is a big challenge. We are severely suffered from Port congestion. Freight charges are almost 3-4 times higher. Our industry also has some lack of time & action calendar among order bookings, order placement and shipment at the right time.

How are you supporting clients in terms of Price during the covid unrest situation?

Basically, we are the distribution partner of global manufacturers. From our side, we are directly supporting clients by explaining the real picture of the industry to the manufacturers for keeping the price reasonable. Also indirectly we are supporting our client by introducing our value-added product for their diversification production facilities. So that they can have good price support from the market as well.

How are you planning for taking preparation to handle the situation?

Covid is a natural calamity. Actually, we are not being able to take the right preparation as the whole situation is unpredicted. The situation is evolving very fast. At the beginning of the pandemic industry owner couldn’t predict that there will be such order flow. That’s why they fell into a material crisis. So we are now playing on the safe side, observing the situation and taking the next steps.

How do you see industry growth in the next 10 years?

This observation varies from person to person. Someone says we will lose the market and industry will be at stake. But my point of view is- Apparently, in recent data I have noticed that apparel export to the USA from China and Vietnam increased almost 20%. But Bangladesh lost its business. It’s not like they are not coming to us. They are coming to us but the price margin is very low. Due to this price conflict, we are not being able to grab those orders. And another most important issue is that the Price of Vietnam and China is too much from Bangladesh. We are the lowest price provider, but we are not getting those orders. It means there is no business down. There is a policy lack. Our Industry owners have to address those policy problems and have to be strict to a common price point for buyers negotiation. If we can do that. Then there will be continuous business growth. In the meantime, we also need to grow our mentality for the diversified product.