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Adidas will launch gender-neutral clothing designed by singer Beyonce.


Adidas partners with Beyonce for new line. This will include jumpsuits, cargo pants, hoodies and cycling shorts. The partnership comes as Adidas seeks to attract more female customers. Adidas does not expect much of an immediate help to sales from the initial Beyonce collection, but it will ramp up over time. Adidas is celebrating 70 years. As a company Adidas spends three billion euros a year to create brand demand or brand heat. Of that roughly half is against sponsorships, athletes, collaborations with federations and clubs, and the other half is used to activate its innovations. Of the half on athletes and clubs, a lion’s share is still football. Other than that the company invests in basketball, Olympic sports, tennis, and continues to sponsor marathons. But football has defined the brand and major investments in terms of endorsements will continue to be in the football space. Adidas is technically a sports brand and not a fashion brand. But that hardly matters when sports and style have become inseparable and street wear is blending with high fashion. Adidas has benefited from the continued success of athleisure, which has remained a major force shaping clothing today. Adidas is also behind limited-run shoes.