Advance Denim is teaming with PG Denim founder Paolo Gnutti to develop a new capsule collection

this-is-the-real-reason-blue-is-the-most-common-denim-color-525174409-guzel-gashigullina-1024x683Advance Denim is teaming with PG Denim founder Paolo Gnutti to develop a new capsule collection for both the Asia and U.S. jeanswear markets. The partnership is a strategic move for the Chinese-based denim manufacturer as it works to enhance its offerings for fashion-focused clientele. The collection will combine Italian Gnutti’s artistry and Advance Denim’s technological innovation to create “magical inspiration” the mill says will be accessible to a wide scope of denim. “We are looking forward to Paolo bringing his Italian artistic aesthetics to our denim,” said Advance Denim general manager Amy Wang. “We believe it is the combination of eastern and western design and culture that have never been offered to our customers before and will take Advance Denim to a whole new level.”

The line of price competitive fabrics will be produced at Advance Denim’s new sustainable facility in Vietnam, Advance Sico. By 2023, Advance Sico intends to have more than 90 percent of all fibers it uses be sustainable. Additionally, 100 percent of all indigo used at Advance Sico will be Archroma aniline-free liquid indigo. The mill also operates its own state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water purification system on site to remove any harmful impurities from its effluent water supply. Gnutti, a 2019 Rivet 50 honoree, has dedicated his career to developing unique textures and finishing techniques for the denim sector. He transforms denim fabrics with flocking, 3D prints, colored foils and metallic effects. Gnutti recently partnered with chemical specialist Rudolf Group on a antibacterial innovation for fabrics.

“My passion and my professional exploration lead me to acquire the skill needed to develop unforgettable and unique textile concepts,” Gnutti said in a statement. “I feel that we need a new challenge in our denim world, a new era of true globalization. We will create a capsule collection that will reach all customers, from premium to the mass market.”