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ALIGANZ.COM the first ever online platform for idle manufacturing capacity & products in Bangladesh


aliganz-logo-wideTextile industry of Bangladesh is moving forward with a lot of sustainable developments and technological advancement. Already we have set up a benchmark in the world for quality and value added products. Now we have so many industries which are truly world class in respect of compliance and safety issue. In these circumstances we need smart way to handle the buyer and executing the orders with less cost and short lead-time. The way world’s technology is advancing the textile industry is becoming more automotive and software based. Now anyone can observe the factory order, shipment and any other information by clicking online from anywhere in the world. In this situation there is a demand for an open platform for manufacturers and buyers where they can find the necessary sourcing companies or products. ALIGANZ.COM the first ever online platform for idle manufacturing capacity & products in Bangladesh. Engr. Kawsar Alam Sikder who has a long practical working experience in different leading factories and top management position comes forward to support the industry for their smooth sourcing. ALIGANZ help you to reduce manufacturing cost by Optimize the utilization of invested manufacturing capacity as well as optimize the engagement of permanent employees.

In Bangladesh, Most of the textile entrepreneurs are first generation entrepreneurs. They start business in small scale, nursing the business & bring it up at today’s stage.Capability of workforce increase day by day, so most the factory management want to allocate Majorities of manufacture capacity for high value added products & reduce the capacity for basic products. Sometimes entrepreneurs were taken investment decision based on fashion trend.Marketing team also try to take diversified products to increase sales value, sometimes require further investment on capital machinery’s. Sometimes, investment decision was taken based on Brand’s forecast.In Practical, most of the factories can’t utilize their full manufacturing capacity with their own orders, means few porting of manufacturing capacity remain idle. Buyers are cutting down lead time. Earlier Lead time was 120 days, now it becomes 21 to 45 days of major customers. So to produce goods within time frame, factories have to use the idle capacity of others factories. This is why ALIGANZ is the gateway to support both buyers and manufacturers for their best utilization of manufacturing capacity as well as best sourcing hub.

Textile Focus correspondent talked with Engr. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO, ALIGANZ.COM for his thinking and reason behind this initiative. Key points of the discussion are mentioned bellow-

ALIGANZ is a junction where vendor & customer meet together to grow together

kawsar-at-radisonEngr. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO, ALIGANZ.COM

Textile Focus: What is the reason behind your plan for ALIGANZ?

Engr. Kawsar:Fashion trend changing very fast, as a result variation take place in styling of a garments, fabrication, embellishment etc. if we look back two decade before, Rib fabric was used as a neck rib only. Each and every factory has only two or three rib machines. It was sufficient because consumption of neck rib is very less. Others machines are tubular Single jersey machines. In early 1995, buyers are using Rib fabrics as a body fabrics. Demand on Rib machines became more. Factories are immediately invested on Rib machines. Within short span of time, a significant number of rib machines were purchase & installed. After few days later, order of rib machines become less and increase demand of elastant single jersey. On that time, factories are not familiar to produce elastant single jersey. Industries purchase open width circular knitting machines, few factories import elastant feeder to cope up the market demand. After few years, fashion change on engineering stripe fabrics, factory were bound to import engineering stripe machines again. After few years later, demand on fleece machines became high. Again purchase fleece machines. This journey will never end as because fashions are changing, end customer does not like the same fashions for a long period. Which factories were invested on Rib, engineering stripe machines etc at present can’t utilize fully with own orders, few machines remain idle. On the other hand, to adopt the new fashion trend, require to invest further on different types of machines. Buyers squeeze price each and every years, factories are bound to produce fabric at a width where marker efficiency is higher. That’s why order load on specific machine’s becomes too high, factories are force fully do outsourcing to ensure on time shipment keeping few machines idle in own premises. Physically searching of specific machines is time consuming, costly & some times on time shipments become under thread. Aliganz show all possible alternatives in your computer within a mins, factories can compare the options & take the cost effective decision very quickly, help industries to ship on time, reduce the conventional men dependency machine searching system.

Textile Focus: How ALIGANZ will help the industry?

Engr. Kawsar:  subcontract dependency is the very common scenario for our industries. bring digital solution of subcontracting, help the industries to grow further in an economical way / cost effective way. Now world market is buyers dominated, manufacturers have very less choice to choose the orders, sometimes manufacturers force to take orders considering overall situation, where they don’t have the manufacturing capacity of specific process. Maximum factories are enlisted in, they share their idle capacity in So without investing furtheruntitled-1, one factory can use others idle capacity, by this way both the industries will be benefited, bring a platform where together we can grow. Also industries can take value added orders & can execute properly by utilizing others invested idle manufacturing capacity with the help of

We all knows that Factories face peak & off peak sessions, means order quantity not equally distributed round the year. Factory can’t sell their whole manufacturing capacity to their regular customer. Factories have some idle capacity almost whole year in some area or types of machines. That means we need sub contract orders to maximize the utilization of invested machines as well as minimize the operating cost. Aliganz make the above process very easy. You can sell your idle manufacturing capacity i.e search subcontract works online. Above scenario is very common in our knit industries, not only knitting, this is equally applicable in almost all production area.

We know that garments price going down session by session. Production lead times also became short. We have to source our raw material quickly & cost effective manner. ALIGANZ assists industries to source raw material & supplies like yarn, dyes, chemical, fabric, trims, machines & spares. Selling textile related products like Yarn, Dyes, Chemical, Fabrics, Trims & Accessories, Garments, machines & Spares on line.ALIGANZ is a junction where vendor & customer meet together to grow together. Using ALIGANZ is free. Hope ALIGANZ can contribute to industries growth.

Textile Focus special correspondent Md. Mostafa Kamal talked with industry experts regarding the necessity of such initiatives. Some of the statements are mentioned bellow for our readers-


Prof. Engr. Mashud Ahmed, Former Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Textiles:

I am very much glad to know that ALIGANZ.COM has come forward to support our textile industry by facilitating the utilization of manufacturing capacity. In some cases one factory receives huge quantity order which they are not able to do or they are to source other factories which has idle capacity. In this regards the industry concern have to searchall the time the idle manufacturing capacities, by this platform (ALIGANZ) they can know where there are idle capacities where they can place their orders for subcontracts. Specially for knitting industry all connecting machineries are not available executing the orders. For this reason, they take support from the factories where has idle capacities to complete the orders. For this reasons, they engage themselves keep on searching continuously. To make the procedure easy, ALIGANZ is there gateway where the factories can share their idle capacities so that other factories can know and place the order easily which will increase the overall industry efficiency. I think it will be an effective platform for our industry to develop capability of handle the short lead time. At the same time by this platform there can be a common price which will reduce the bad practice low price biting tendency. I wish all the best of this initiative ALIGANZ.COM.


Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, President, The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologists (ITET), Bangladesh & Managing Director, HAMS Group:

Bangladesh textile industry is moving forward. We need smart way of operation where we can ensure best utilizations of our machines and capacity. At the same time we need to source our proper supply chain within a smart way. I appreciate the innovative initiative of ALIGANZ where we can share our factory capacity and source our partners for ensuring best efficiency and capacity development. We are observing industry 4.0 revolution where we are to think smartly. This revolution gives an idea of an environment where smart machines not only enable automation of production lines, but also can interact with each other, while analyzing and understanding a specific level of production and understanding the minimum involvement of human being. I think ALIGANZ platform is the demand of time for managing the industry efficiency righty. I encourage manufacturers to share their idle capacities to this gateway which will increase the bondage among the entrepreneurs. This smart sharing will also be beneficial to both the parties to grow together. I wish all the best of this innovative initiative of ALIGANZ.

img_6548ATM Mahbub Alam Milton, Executive Director, Masco Group:

Currently world economic is considered unpredictable predictable. Due to different geological issues, economic conflicts between China and USA, environmental changes it has become difficult to identify the economic direction which effects our textile industry. Our textile industry is passing a curtail time, we are lagging behind with our competing countries. I will say about our knitting industry where all kind of machineries are connected to operational management if we consider the efficiency and capacity is sometimes low. For basic operation 20-25% machines become unutilized for special machines this situation is remarkable. If our high-end machines rest unutilized for a long time we lose our efficiency. In that regards our competing countries manages their machines management where they can utilize the maximum capacity which resulting increase the efficiency.  We are thinking of solving this issue by forming a common platform where visible our idlecapacities to all. Fortunately ALIGANZ has come forward which is trying to visible the open capacities of the factories to all where we can share our capacities to each other. I strongly believe, if we can share our open capacities in knitting, printing and other segments we can increase our efficiency.

ali-sirProf. Dr. Mohammad Ali, Dean, Faculty of Textile Management and Business Studies, Bangladesh University of Textiles:

First of all I thank ALIGANZ for their innovative initiative. In our textile factories there are some machineries which remain unutilized time to time. In some cases factories can’t predict their capacities and manage their orders due to proper channel. Most of the cases they are to go for subcontracts. For dyeing and knitting industry this a common practice. If we could establish a network for specially dyeing and knitting industry which will share their idle capacities and sourcing opportunities, it would be beneficiary for overall industry efficiency development. ALIGANZ is the platform where the factories can share their opportunities and capacities. I appreciate this initiative.

anwar-groupMohammed Monabber Ahmed, Director, Anowara Group:

The importance of the apparel & textile industry in the economy of Bangladesh is very important but currently our industry is facing great challenges due to higher production cost, on the other hand product prices are going down. To sustain in the long run, the companies have to optimize each and every department.

I appreciate the venture from to move forward with B2B online market place for textile industry where main focus would be on idle capacity utilization. I hope this platform will help to reduce the non-productive time by optimizing capacity utilization. I think this will increase our overall efficiency and lead-time by sharing open capacity in their website. My best wishes to Aliganz for their forward thinking venture.