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Allbirds expands its eco-product portfolio with TENCEL™ fibers into apparel


all-birdsConvinced by the environmental performance and versatility of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, Allbirds have chosen to extend their collaboration with the TENCEL™ brand for their sustainable tree shoe range into apparel products. Launched in October 2020, the new eco-apparel collection features the TrinoXO™ Tee, Wool Jumper, Wool Cardigan, and Trino™ Puffer, which follow hot on the heels of the socks and underwear offerings to complete the line. Most excitingly, the collection is the world’s first full line of apparel to be labelled with the carbon footprint of each piece!

As part of the collection, the Trino™ Puffer Jacket is an innovative and effective down-alternative with a shell that is 60% Merino wool and 40% TENCEL™ branded fibers, and the insulation is made from 70% recycled polyester and 30% TENCEL™ branded fibers. Traditionally, puffers were made from oil-derived synthetic fabrics, toxic fluorine-based water repellents, and down fill, which is devastating to the environment. Now, consumers can stay warm and dry without any concern for their purchase causing negative impacts. The exterior boasts the same environmentally friendly, Merino and TENCEL™ branded fiber blend, with a fluorine-free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to keep the wearer dry.

Speaking of the jacket, Birgit Schnetzlinger, Head of Global Business Development for Functional Wear at Lenzing said, “Allbirds’s latest Trino™ puffer jacket is another great example of the versatility and performance of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. In addition to their low environmental impact, the TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber blend helps create a lightweight woven outer shell for the Trino™ jacket, while the fill with TENCEL™ Lyocell offers great insulation.”

Another gem in the collection is the TrinoXO™ Tee, made from 65% TENCEL™ branded fibers, 30% Merino wool, and 5% Chitosan – all sustainably sourced renewable materials. The TrinoXO™ Tee’s secret ingredient is Allbirds’s latest material innovation – XO™, a naturally derived fiber made from discarded shells from marine life, the second most abundant biopolymer on Earth. The Chitosan from these shells has unique capabilities, allowing clothes to stay fresh longer without relying on extractive materials like zinc or silver. Partnering with brands who are dedicated to maintaining the environmental balance by integrating with nature’s cycle is something both the TENCEL™ brand and Allbirds are dedicated to.

Justin Cleveland, Senior Director of Materials and Apparel Development at Allbirds, shared, “As part of Allbirds’s continued efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we are proud to innovate and offer our customers products made with sustainable natural materials, such as Lenzing’s TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. We value Lenzing’s partnership as we expand our collection of Tree and Trino™ products.”