Alliance will leave Bangladesh in July next year

allianceAlliance, the factory inspection platform of 28 North American retailers, will leave Bangladesh in July next year after the completion of its five-year tenure. A total of 234 Alliance-affiliated factories have completed all material items in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and 162 non-compliant factories have been suspended from the Alliance factory list for delays in upgrading of their CAPs.

More than 1.3 million workers across 941 Alliance and non-Alliance factories have access to the Alliance’s confidential worker Helpline. Democratically elected Worker Safety Committees that give workers a seat at the table in monitoring safety issues have been established in 171 factories. More than 1.4 million workers have been trained in basic fire safety, and 1.3 million have participated in refresher courses.

Nearly 27,000 security guards have been trained in fire safety leadership while about 20,000 have received refresher training. Alliance has designed a safety training workshop for senior factory managers and partnered with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology on a graduate-level short course for Bangladeshi engineers, both designed to build in-country capacity on safety.