We are always with a turn-key project to deliver high performance in industry specific – Textiles & Apparels Manufacturing. Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Chief Business Officer and Managing Director, The Analyst Limited

Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Managing Director, The Analyst Limited.

Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Managing Director, The Analyst Limited.

The Analyst Limited Selling and Implementing Integrated Data Based Business Process Management Systems & Solutions for Enterprise Excellency. The company is an integrated data based business process management services, systems & solutions provider to deliver business performance playing a role model of the trusted and reliable manager or managing agent for an enterprise under b to b relationship integrating the core four pillars of the business :(1) Products, Production & Technology (2) Marketing & Sales (3) Finance, Accounting & Information System (4) Human Capitals & Compliance in a single database installing Digitalized Management System for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and controls screening business health assuring of proper resource planning & control in place establishing enterprise excellency for a going concern. Team Textile Focus talked with Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Chief Business Officer and Managing Director, The Analyst Limited. Key discussion points are mentioned below for our readers

Textile Focus: How do you see the recent scenario of a textiles and Apparels Industry?

Bhaskar Ranjan: In our observation and opinion the industry is being transformed into a new shape for next generation for next two-three decades considering its sustainability. Every industry has a cycle of transformation in an interval of 20-30 years in all aspects of business-finance-investment and its functionalities – Marketing & Sales, Production & Technology, Human Resources & Compliances and Finance & Accounting Information system with the changes of generation mindset for renovating and innovating the requirements for its existence & continuation locally and internationally. Bangladesh Textiles and Apparels Industry is therefore in this pace of journey without denying the fundamentals facts. Thriving of the industry progress is not being found rapid. We are still in the talks and struggling for pathways for visualization of the future as the industry is dictated by the buyers concerned and insufficient back-ward linkages & Basic Raw Materials for meeting the demand for frontline – RMG and finally Silo-based Management Approach is prevailed. Industry 4.0 and Management 4.0 are already established cyber-physical systems connecting everything without boundaries keeping up the industry is in a continuous improvement of people, processes, products, systems and solutions driven by Data establishing Data Integrity in the entire vertical value chain of the industry individually and collectively capturing real time transactions with its results. The industry is needed to embrace & adapted it without further delay at its workplace in consideration of country circumstances and business environments assessing the needs correctly re-skilling and up-skilling the country talent pool in reality, not keeping it only in talks.

Textile Focus: Could you please share us the The Analyst Business scenario during Pandemic?

Bhaskar Ranjan: As a high-level Services, Systems and Solutions Providers for the industry & its people to enhance management efficiency our business was affected adversely very much because of that the industry itself was in very much uncertainties and struggled to maintain its basic levels during the Pandemic; Our products and business development were sidelined and it is still continued till today. The industry is listening to us but commercialization is not being found up to the mark reasoning for that the people concerned specially top and senior levels are engaged regularly in fire-fighting and quick-fixing in their daily activities of doing shipments specially Merchandizing & Production without addressing the change requirements for the management efficiency enhancements which are identified very much necessary for the industry sustainability – People, Planet and Purpose. However, we are very much hoped that it would be changed and is started to change expecting renovation and innovation in Bangladesh Textiles and Apparels Industry. The bold role, voice, confidence & conviction of Second Generation in entrepreneurship is very much crucial in this change requirements for next generation business-finance-investment to utilize our best services, systems & solutions governed by the globally recognized Textiles & Apparels industry best practices assuring of the results in a course of time. We are always with a turn-key project to deliver high performance in industry specific – Textiles & Apparels Manufacturing.

Textile Focus: Manufacturers are focused on process automation, how The Analyst- Datatex will support for reducing production cost?

Bhaskar Ranjan: Process Automation does not mean only production process automation. In our industry we observed that industry people concerned were too much centralized on production Process & product development process without paying their time bound attention of Management Process Automation holistically integrating all the business processes from Sample room to Board room and textile verticals from fiber to Garments in a single platform capturing the transactions at every business process center to visualize the business and its impact reducing turn-around time of its decision making process identifying the wastages and minimizing the wastages assuring of optimum level availability & utilization of resources: Man, Machine, Materials, Method, Energy and finally Time converted into Money, it should not be continued. These two processes – Production & Product are entirely governed by the industry specific best Integrated Value Chain and Supply Chain driven by Data and run by the people. And that people should be governed by the industry specific management system. So only production process automation will never ever reduce production costs. Production costs shall be reduced only by identifying wastages, eliminating wastages and finally establishing usage efficiency of resources. The Analyst-Datatex with their highly performed industry specific product ranges : Services, Systems & Solutions (CFOO Services, ERP-EPM-BI and Bhaskar Accounting Lab) are here to address the issues to reduce production costs (Direct & Indirect) & Management Costs identifying wastages, eliminating wastages and finally establishing usage efficiency of resources with the concept of establishing culture of ‘Life Long Learning & Development and its application & implementation at work place’ assuring of our best endeavor as a turn-key project for the industry individually and collectively.


Textile Focus: Some owners think, software means big investment, how The Analyst-Datatex customize offer for vertical set up Factory?

Bhaskar Ranjan: The Analyst-Datatex is always for Textile Vertical Chain from Fiber to Garments in clothing industry covering Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Printing, Dyeing & Finishing, Washing & Garmenting and management verticals from Sample Room to Board Room, Quote to Cash and Plan to Delivery. Integrated Business Process Management Systems & Solutions in practice of Management 3.0 and 4.0 are time bound necessity for the industry sustainability for assuring of detecting & maintaining bottom lines of the business for next generation business competitive advantages integrating all the functionalities in a holistic view to govern talent pool / people as are the most precious assets of the industry. We do not suggest to adapt any short-cut or quick fixes investment for this. The Analyst-Datatex is offered phase-wise investment making the people ready at workplace for its adaption going through in-depth study of the needs at workplace tailoring made investment proposal assuring of return of the investment also. Without denying the facts Industry Specific Integrated Business Process Management Systems and Solutions Softwires are essential investments catering full swing advantages of ICT globally irrespective of big or small.

Textile Focus: How the Analyst-Datatex maintaining its business sustainability in terms of quality and services?

Bhaskar Ranjan: Being a long-experienced service provider in Bangladesh in all aspects of business-finance-investment our prospects are quite assured of our quality and deliveries. Reliability with our technology partner Datatex origin from Europe- Italy and Germany located its corporate office in Switzerland with its footprint all over world having 40 years + global Textiles & Apparels supply and value chain experience in management automation is found NO QUESTION.

We are serving globally with local high-level experience. Industry people concerned are assured of our presence and sustainability for Bangladesh Textile and Apparels Industry with our core value of the business ‘NO COMPROMISE WITH QULITY SERVICES’ with a goal for enhancing management efficiency ranges 10% – 40% which Bangladesh Textiles and Apparels Industry is being lost and needed to recover it for its sustainability in the context of Business-Finance Investment in all together for next generations. Our endeavors are always for the country and its people & industry.

Textile Focus: What is the future business plan of The Analyst for Business Market?

Bhaskar Ranjan: Advocacy and awareness of the industry people concerned for the essential requirements for enhancement of management: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling efficiency in industry concerned internally and externally. For this the roles of People concerned are enormous important in particular senior and mid-level management team – Manager & General Manager. Bangladesh Textiles and Apparels Industry will never ever die rather it is jubilated through its corrections. So next three-five years are very much important for the people concerned who we are working for the industry. Under the circumstances PEOPLE is very much precious asset for the industry and pace of acceleration of investment on the people and systems in particular Integrated Business Process Management System driven by Data establishing data integrity capturing real time transactions at every business process to view the result of transactions should be speeded up as quick as possible as a Fixed Asset like an Establishment of a Green Factory. We are to do this starting round the year to conduct webinars, workshops and seminars virtually and physically since the year of 2022 and onward. In addition, training and mentoring programs offering collaboration & Cooperation with Education Institutions and Industry concerned to build next generation managers for the industry with our initiative “Transforming Human Resource into Human Capital driven by Values for Enterprise Excellency”. Industry is needed competent Managers means ‘Manager 4.0’ in our opinion and they should be originated from our beloved country Bangladesh, not foreign countries.