Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd distributing Eid Gifts to all Employees

Desk Report: Bangladesh based one of the Sustainable apparel manufacturer Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd. (AGDL), a sister concern of UNIFILL Group distributing Eid Gifts to all Employees . For upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr Aman management arranged Eid gift pack for every member of Aman family. This is the practice of Aman family for last 12 years.


As a Sustainable factory , AGDL employed 120 specially-abled employees, gives scholarships to deprived students, gives computers to students, etc. The company achieved CSR Award by TESCO F&F in 2016, CSR Award by Mother Care 2015 and their 97% employees have job satisfaction, surveyed by Elevate, USA.

Aman Graphics and Design Ltd  achieved the LEED Platinum certification from USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) on 2020 .The company also has Sustainability Roadmap 2041 where they have mentioned their next course of actions towards sustainability. All their units are 100% ACCORD certified.