American Eagle Outfitters Offers Denim Hijab


American Eagle Outfitters Offers Denim Hijab

01Hijab is becoming popular day by day. Retailers are also designing hijab according to the fashion trend.  American Eagle Outfitters has come out with a denim hijab made with Tencel fibers. The hijab is a head covering that is traditional dress for many Muslim women. As Muslim women worldwide are increasingly demanding both performance and style from their garments, designers, manufacturers and retailers are responding.

In order to raise demand of fashion and function, denim over the years has benefited from fabric blends that help bring its indigo character to many varieties of clothing. Few have been as advantageous as Lenzing’s wood-based Tencel lyocell branded fibers, which help impart a softness and drape that isn’t always possible with other denim fabrics.

For decades, denim has crossed multi-cultural lines, long ago expanding from its original, limited utility as men’s work dungarees to also encompass apparel for all genders, ages and vocations. Designers borrow from other cultures when it comes to color, cut, fabric and technique. And textile makers add to the mix with manufacturing, spinning and weaving advancements that enhance performance, color and all manner of possibilities in design.

American Eagle Outfitters offers high quality, trendy clothing, accessories and personal care products for men and women under two brands: American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie. They targets men and women 15 to 25 years but provide high quality apparel that can appeal to all demographics.