American Eagle Outfitters plans to be carbon neutral by 2030

American Eagle is committed to carbon reduction, water reduction and the use of more sustainable raw materials. The company plans to accelerate its sustainability improvements and become carbon neutral by 2030. AEO focuses on youth and its optimism toward the future, so building a better world for generations to come is fundamental to its values and purpose. It pledges to accelerate sustainability improvements across its entire organization, and throughout the supply chain, holding itself accountable through the adoption of science-based targets. As a leading retailer, it is dedicated to working across the industry to create systemic changes in garment manufacturing. In addition, all cotton used in products will be sustainably sourced and sourcing of sustainably produced viscose fibers will be increased. Customers will be encouraged to reduce apparel waste through jeans recycling in American Eagle stores.American Eagle’s sustainability goals include achieving carbon neutrality in all of its owned and operated facilities (offices, stores, distribution centers) and employee business travel by 2030, reducing carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 and 60 per cent by 2040, ensuring that by 2023 50 per cent of water used in laundries is recycled, reducing water use in jeans production by 30 per cent and ensuring wastewater from water-intensive facilities is free from hazardous chemicals.