amfori Launches Local Auditing in Australia

At the start of August 2022, the first batch of local audits was completed in the Mildura region in Victoria, Australia. The three audited farms were producers of table grapes, with one farm being certified organic. The farms were audited based on amfori BSCI’s new farming protocol. Prior to the audits, staff on the farms were supported with capacity-building tools and information.

Although COVID-19 and the weather conditions of the past two years have created challenges that have delayed the launch of amfori audits in the country, amfori has worked together with its members and their business partners to achieve this successful launch.

Australia is the source of many products and services on the international arena. In particular, Australia acts as a food bowl producing quality products for export to the world.

The Australian Modern Slavery Act requires businesses to identify the risks of modern slavery within their supply chain. The amfori BSCI audits are an effective monitoring tool for companies reporting under the Act or other applicable international law.

The future for Australian auditing looks bright, allowing international members to better monitor their supply chains. Combined with the existing quality assurance audits that the agricultural sector is undergoing, buyers can be confident that their products are truly sustainably sourced.

Congratulations to the teams, audit partners, members and stakeholders who have worked together to conduct these successful audits.

More information on this successful launch will be shared at our local network meeting planned later this year.

Members interested in scheduling audits in Australia and New Zealand may email to for more information.