Announcing India ITME Technology Awards

Figure 1: Jury Engrossed in a Discussion during the Jury Meet at India ITME Society Board Room, date: 30th September 2022; L to R – Mr. R Anand, Mr. Manohar Samuel, Mr. Sanjiv Lathia, Mr. Updeep Singh, Mr. Ketan Sanghvi, Mr. S Hari Shankar, Ms. Manisha Mathur, Mr. Uday Gill, Mr. G V Aras

“Exceptions make rules Strong; Be the Exception”

This is the idea which drives India ITME Society’s search for talented, stand out leaders, innovators and determined perseverance in their field of work.  To mark 4-decade old successful journey of India ITME Society an award was initiated. 2nd edition of awards are Society’s humble attempt to recognize the exceptional & significant contributions that have influenced positive change in the textile engineering sector of our nation. India ITME Society Awards 2022 is scheduled to be presented on 10th December 2022 at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. With India aiming towards becoming a super technology provider to the world and having a vision of developing 100 Indian textile machinery champions, the India ITME Society has been instrumental in textile engineering and technology provider’s rise from scratch.

These awards will set the tone for the start of the biggest textile engineering show which will have the presence of international & national delegates representing ambassadors, council members, various ministries, state ministers, textile & state commissioners and global investors. The renowned textile entrepreneurs and emerging textile investors will all be a part of this event. The winners will be felicitated with cash award, trophy & certificate in the format best suitable to the category. With the wide network of the India ITME Society, the recognition of the awards will not just be limited to the delegate present at the award function but will also be circulated to the wide database & the entire press & ministry associated with the India ITME Society.

This 2nd edition of awards looks to recognize and felicitate awards in the following new categories: 

Category 1 – Award for Overall Best Performer in Engineering Industry presented

in 8 Specific categories (Ginning | Spinning| Weaving & weaving preparatory |Processing & Finishing | Garmenting | Printing | Accessories for Textiles | Technical Textiles ) 

Category 2 – Award for Best Innovative Technology for Pollution Control

Category 3 –Women Leadership Award in Textile & Textile Engineering 

Category 4 –Award for Research Excellence

Category 5 Textile Maestro 

Society strongly believes that education is the foundation platform that has lifted this textile sector to such a glorious stage. So it has also introduced an award category specifically targeting youth, research & innovations.  Mr. S Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society said, “The society & self strongly believes that the young minds of today are the colourful future of our Textiles, this is why in addition to the dedicated award category for our innovators in 2022 edition, we have always introduced knowledge programs for the learners. Our society over the years is initiating several constructive programs to recognize & empower knowledge to innovative researchers, and technical faculties as well as to act as an active connect between the knowledge hub -technical institutes & the ever-changing industry. I am sure, the success story of innovator recognized in our awards will attract more youths towards R & D in textiles”. To ensure fair practice and true unbiased nature towards the awards selection, the society has brought on board reputed textile technocrats from different sectors of textile.

Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman & Members of Steering committee of India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society along with the Jury members takes great pride & pleasure in announcing the winners as below:

Category 1 –Top Performance in Textile Engineering Industry.

Under the Spinning segment M/S Lakshmi Machine Works Limited is accorded the award.

Under the Weaving & Preparatory segment Rabatex Industries is accorded the award.

Under Finishing segment Texfab Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is accorded the award.

Under printing segment ColorJet India Ltd. emerged as a winner.

Under the Accessories for entire textile machinery segment Lakshmi Card Clothing Manufacturing Company Private Limited is selected as a winner mainly due to their excellent  service support innovative product range and stringent quality control systems for spinning industry.

Category 2 – Best Initiatives for Pollution Control Technology

Under this category S. A. Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd is accorded the award.

Category 3 – Special Award for Women 

Women Entrepreneur – Under this category Ms. Deepa A Kumar is accorded the award.

Nurturing Women Empowerment– Under this Category Ms. Neha Jhunjhunwala, Director, Sarla Performance Fibers accorded the award.

Woman Master Weaver – Under this Category Ms. Santoshi Kewat is accorded the award.

Restoring Traditional Skills – Under this category Ms. Kumari Raita is accorded the award.

Category 4 –Research Excellence

Under this category Dr. Rekha Ramakrishnan from SASMIRA is accorded the award.

Category 5 – Textile Maestro

Under this category Mr. S P Oswal, Chairman & Managing Director, Vardhman Group of Companies is accorded the award.

The awards will be presented on 10th December 2022 at India Exposition Mart at the highly prestigious CEO Conclave –“Empowering Textiles through Technology”.  CEO conclave is an interactive closed-loop forum conceptualized to bring together high-level decision-makers from Government & eminent industry leaders from India and key stake holders from across the globe. The conclave will have representation from Overseas Delegates, Government Officials, and CEO & Managing Directors of top-notch Indian & International Textile & Textile Machinery companies. 

India ITME Society in order to create deserved recognition of the achievements for all its winners will be presenting the awards in the presence of the very best from all the stake holders of the textile industry. In order to give due credits to the winner, the society will be presenting them with a token of appreciation in the form of a trophy and certificate along with Cash price to appreciate the efforts of the awardee’s work.

Mr. Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society

Every edition of India ITME Society awards will try to do justice and grow bigger, better & bolder by introducing strategic categories and reaching a wider audience. The credit for the growth of the awards goes to none other than the fellow participants themselves. It is their dedication and hard work that add value to the award categories. We are grateful for all the applications received which were exceptional in their domain. We also thank every applicant for their belief in the society and urge all the other fellow companies to participate in the next edition and help us build a bigger and bolder award ceremony during the next editions.

Sincere appreciation goes to the elite jury panel who took time out of their busy schedule to help us ensure smooth and unbiased decision making”

India ITME Society through this prestigious awards has again remained true to its industry label of being a torch bearer for the engineering sector in textiles. Today once again when our industry is coming back on track post the unseen pandemic effects, society is making the much-needed effort to recognize the vastly evolving textile engineering sector, the innovative researcher & the women power of 2022.  Visit India ITME 2022 from 8th – 13th December 2022 at India Exposition Mart Limited, Greater Noida, U.P.