Apparel exporters in Bangladesh are opening factories in rural areas

factories-at-rural-areaBangladesh apparel industry looks a large expand of its textile & apparel industry for continuous demand. The apparel sector in the country is gradually spreading to rural regions from a handful of industrial belts in urban areas. Triple Seven Apparels has a factory on 21 bighas of land in a remote place. The 2,40,000 sq ft floor of the factory is centrally air-conditioned. The production line opened in December 2016 with four swing lines, which has now extended to 16 swing lines. The plan is to add ten more swing lines next year. About 1,500 people are currently working in the factory. The capacity is around four lakh units of woven products a month.

Approximately 150 export-oriented apparel factories have already been established in rural areas. Labor is easily available and employment gets generated. So the rural economy gets a boost. Factories in rural areas help garment workers live in close proximity to their own village areas, where the living cost is much lower than in the city. In addition they get training and experience in garmenting. A factory established in a rural area adds value to other economic activities like small businesses, house rent services, bank and insurance facilities and hospital facilities. This trend of industrialization in rural areas will help the areas to be developed.