Apparel exports to EU increased by 16.27% during July-Nov 2022-23

Mohiuddin Rubel, Director, BGMEA

As per the statistics of the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), our exports to major countries have shown encouraging growth during July-November of FY2022-23. During the mentioned period, our apparel export to the European Union increased by 16.27%, from US$ 7.81 billion to US$ 9.07 billion in July-Nov 2022-23.

Germany is the largest European market fetching US$ 2.71 billion with 1.88% growth compared to the same period of the previous year. Export to Spain and France also increased by 19.15% and 38.87% respectively. Export to other major EU countries such as Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Sweden have shown growth by 50.95%, 48.87%, 34.39% and 22.90% respectively. On the other hand, export to Poland has shown 19.61% year-over-year negative growth during the mentioned period.
RMG export to the USA during the mentioned period was US$ 3.47 billion, registering 4.07% Y-O-Y growth. Besides, our exports to U.K. and Canada have grown by 11.71% and 30.25% respectively compared to the same time of the previous fiscal year. At the same time, export to non-traditional markets increased to US$ 3.19 billion from US$ 2.47 billion in the same period of time.
Among the major non-traditional markets, our export to Japan reached 597.83 million dollars with 38.11% Y-O-Y growth during July-Nov of FY2022-23. The other non-traditional markets having high growth were Malaysia 100.21%, Mexico 49.68%, India 48.78%, Brazil 44.53%, and South Korea 30.35%.