Apparel and textiles import sees a massive drop of almost $6 billion in July: OTEXA

fr057According to the Office of Textiles & Apparel (OTEXA) of the Commerce Department, US imports of apparel fell by 32 percent to $6 billion in July, compared to the previous year. According to OTEXA, businesses have imported 30.68% fewer clothing in the first six months of the year – which started with the ongoing US-China Trade War, the Chinese New Year’s factory closure and the pandemic of global coronavirus – worth $33.88 billion in 2019 , compared to $48.87 billion in 2019. China has endured the greatest effects, with an imported product worth $7.35 trillion in sales of 49.34 percent annually up to July, to remain the leading supplier. The sum of clothes imported into the United States in July was 50 percent lower than in the previous year, or $1.58 billion.

Apparel imports from Vietnam dropped by 11.06% to 6.94 billion dollars in the seven-month period, down 11% in June to 1,29 billion dollars in 2010. Nevertheless, Vietnam reported a rise of 2.9 percent to 393.29 million SMB. With imports to date decreased to $2.91 trillion, Bangladesh did not do any better, though exports from 11 percent to $436.34 million decreased from 11 percent over the year.

Cambodia was the only one of the top ten countries that reported annual and year-over-year rises in imports to the United States. From 6.13 to $1.54 billion in Cambodia, imports from Cambodia grew by 19.2 percent a month, up from 292.67 million in the previous year. The Ethiopian imports of apparel rose from 24.1% to 20.4 billion dollars; the Myanmar imports grew from 9.8% to 29.89 million dollars.