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ATIRA develops India’s first filter cloth to make N99 masks


Material used in mask to provide highest protection to healthcare professionals of the country

Jointly developed by ATIRA and DRDO

Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association (ATIRA) recently announced that it has developed a filter cloth to make N99 masks in association with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This nano coated medium for face mask has 99+% filtration efficiency.

Currently, the filter cloth material is manufactured at state of the art facility at ATIRA as per the WHO guidelines. The government of India and DRDO have given recognition to these masks.

Speaking about this Mr. Punit Lalbhai, Council Member, ATIRA said “We are happy that we are able help the Indian government and its populace during such unprecedented times. Our partnership with DRDO has yielded something noteworthy for the country.”

Leading this project at ATIRA Mrs. Deepali Palawat, Deputy Director highlighted that “This project is the finest example of collaboration and coordination with the government, who has moved mountains to help us procure raw materials and provide full support during lock down. We too are determined to do whatever it takes to support our nation and those working to save our lives.  15 staff of ATIRA including Scientific Officers and technicians are working round the clock to fulfil the order placed by DRDO of 5 lacs masks.”

“99% filtration is the highest amongst all types of masks available in India. There were many challenges initially, but with untiring efforts of our highly competent scientists and research technicians we were able to successfully develop it and produce on large scale.” added Mr. Pragnesh Shah, Director, ATIRA.