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Men Fashion- New ways to improve style

Ataullah Al Farhan Fashion industry is changing very rapidly. Recent years there are dramatic changes of men & women fashion trends. FinlayRead more

CTEC organized Ultimate Gaming Season

Rashedul Antu Chittagong Textile Engineering College organized Ultimate Gaming Season – 3. To boost up the networking among textile studentsRead more

Research Focus of Fabrics & wool!

Research and Development is part and parcel of ‘Knowledge Creation’ which in turn creates prosperity and wealth. It is said that ‘an idea’Read more

Human Physiology on used denim

Denim is a part of everyday life for most people, and shoppers prefer to go places where they can wear jeans (78 percent), and when they’re lookingRead more

Bangladesh- Top denim exporter to EU

Bangladesh has overtaken China to become the largest denim supplier to the European Union — a development that would give confidence to theRead more