Bangladesh Becomes first runner-up in the Commonwealth Global Youth Debate Championship-2022

Commonwealth Day Celebrations 2022- For the first time, debate competitions are held at national and continental levels in all Commonwealth countries. The three best exceptional speakers from Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, and America were selected to represent their countries in the world-level drawing finals.

From Bangladesh, the Chief speaker, Md. Moktar Hossen was selected from Sheikh Kamal Textile College of Engineering, supported by Salah Uddin and Md. Salim Reza as the second and third speaker.

The global stage of the debate program had a healthy and competitive debate on several topics involving Commonwealth, International Trade, Technology, Education and Humanity, Ukrainian and Russian Wars, and others which was held virtually from 18 September to 30 September.

Among the 54 Commonwealth countries, The 12 countries are,

Canada, India, Turkey, Cyprus, Burundi, North America, Barbados, Bangladesh, Armenia, Poland, Nigeria and Thailand were selected in the final round.

As for the final round, there were judges from around the world from the USA, Canada, Ghana, UK and Cyprus.

Announcing this year’s global results, representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria emerged champions with an average score of 76%, Bangladesh emerged first runner-up with an aggregate score of 61% and the Republic of Northern Cyprus of Turkey bagged the third prize with 50% marks.

Bangladeshi Chief Speaker Md. Moktar Hossen said ” It wasn’t so easy for us. But we believe that hard work always helps to gain success and finally we are successful for our hard work.

It’s a big achievement for Bangladesh.