Bangladesh Denim Expo 7th edition on November 2017!

TF Desk Report


Bangladesh Denim Expo, the international denim exhibition in Dhaka keeps growing in numbers and quality of exhibitors, providing a unique insight on Bangladesh denim, for a new edition that is expected to unveil the secrets of the industry on November 08-09, 2017. Bangladesh Denim Expo is now approaching step by step the next big appointment with the 7th edition of what has become one of the most important denim exhibition worldwide, that shows the important improvements in terms of numbers and quality.

For the upcoming appointment set for next 8th and 9th November 2017 in Dhaka, a new forward-thinking main theme has been set up around the concept of “Transparency”. Exploring in details its meaning and how this issue is perceived and treated in fashion industry, will be at the heart of the new edition with a series of actions and events that will delve into it as never done before on an expo level.

Moreover, Bangladesh Denim Expo 7th edition is announced to be the most successful ever in terms of public and has already confirmed the presence of the record number of exhibitors reached in the previous one. 58 Exhibitors from all over the world have already confirmed their participation at the show, being 40 of them from foreign countries, whereas 18 are Bangladesh-based denim companies.

For this edition, in fact, a greater number of Bangladesh exhibitors will be present in order to provide a genuine insight into the capabilities of the Bangladesh denim industry.

To put it with the words of Bangladesh Denim Expo Founder and CEO, Md. Mostafiz Uddin “The vision of Bangladesh Denim Expo is to make Bangladesh a sourcing hub by creating a multinational gathering, exposing new business horizons and greater corporate opportunities for the entire denim value chain as well as uplifting the country’s image to the world”