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Bangladesh is an emerging market for textile- Mr. Irfan Ghafoor, Director, Alka Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd.

irfan-gafoorSince its inception in 1979, Alka (Pvt) Ltd. has developed from a local Pakistani business into a modern, professionally managed organization which now operates internationally. Alka (Pvt) Ltd. runs its business in Bangladesh market as Alka Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd. The company has a philosophy of selling its products through imparting technical knowledge to the customers which enables them to resolve their technical issues, optimize processes and enhance productivity. ALKA also have started it’s another international marketing office in Vietnam. Alka Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. participated at 33rd Dye+Chem Bangladesh Expo 2018. Textile Focus editor M A Islam talked with Mr. Irfan Ghafoor, Director, Alka Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd.  regarding their products, thinking about Bangladesh market etc. Key points of the conversation is mentioned bellow for our readers.

Textile Focus: What is your observation regarding Bangladesh Textile market?

Irfan Ghafoor: We have been doing business in Bangladesh market for a long time. Bangladesh is an emerging market for textile. In recent time Bangladesh has a significant growth in textile industry. The industry is becoming matured with the development of infrastructure, skilled manpower, innovation, sustainable issues. Compliance issues have been fruitfully implemented in this industry. Total manufacturing supply chain has been improved with technological advancements. Government has also taken some pragmatic and fruitful policies for the betterment of the industry. So, I think the progressive trend of Bangladesh textile industry is very remarkable at present time.

Textile Focus: What is the response in this session?

Irfan Ghafoor: We received very good responses at this exhibitions. We could meet so many clients and could inform them regarding our advanced products. As a company we care much about the environment and is therefore continuously investing in developing environmental friendly solutions for its customers to make this world greener and cleaner for belter living tomorrow. Visitors from different factories expressed their satisfaction using our products.  

Textile Focus: How do you see Bangladesh textile market in coming days?

Irfan Ghafoor: As I mentioned Bangladesh is passing a very good time for textile industry development. If this trend keeps upward Bangladesh will be unbeatable competitor for other countries. For this Bangladesh needs to do work in value addition and practice sustainable development culture in every stem of textile processing. This industry is a collective team work and there are so many steps from raw materials to end products. For this up-gradation in every step is very important. I can see so many fruitful development in factory areas, also the mentality of the owners have been changed. Now the industrialist are focusing on quality improvements and investing in technology and skill development. I believe Bangladesh will be a leading player in world textile market soon.  

Textile Focus: Do you have any specific plan for Bangladesh market for upcoming days from your company?

Irfan Ghafoor: As a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals our aim is to maintain the highest standard of products quality, service, technical support and personal relationship with customers and to create assets that benefit all our stakeholders including customers, employees our company as well as the countries in which we operate. We are checking with the feasibility of establishing a manufacturing plan in Bangladesh.   

Textile Focus: Any special message you want to convey to the industry?

Irfan Ghafoor:  In order to maintain our leading position in the market, we have well established Research and Development Centre which has state-of-art instruments and professional personnel that keep abreast of scientific and technological developments. As the world is moving fast toward a sustainable industry and it is important for our future generation. I hope everyone related to textile industry from manufactures to end user will be sincere about the environmental issues and sustainable development.  



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