Bangladesh export in RMG growth 20.78% for the period July-October of FY2021-22

EPB published export data for the period July-October of FY2021-22, and during this period RMG export reached 12.62 billion dollars, which is 20.78% more than the corresponding period of the previous fiscal. The month of October 2021 has seen growth as high as 53.28%, as export reached 3.56 billion dollars this month. According to Mohiuddin Rubel, Director, BGMEA, “As we mentioned earlier, the world clothing demand and retailing are rebounding, orders are coming to Bangladesh. Though we are exporting more, our cost of production has gone significantly higher leading to less margin. So, the vulnerability of the industry has increased in turn in recent time.” Moreover, we need to see how long does this surge in export sustained. So, rather than being complacent, we need to focus more on building the qualitative capacity of the industry and encourage more investments so that we can grow in quality and in terms of value.