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Bangladesh is focusing on technological advancement


Bangladesh textile manufacturing is focusing on the technological advancement to meet the foreign buyers’ requirements. New investments by Bangladesh garment manufacturers are focused on compliance and technology to meet buyers’ requirement and workplace safety. Some are also concentrating on producing value added products. The latest technology and innovations are core in the investment as consumers’ behavior and taste are changing very fast in the fashion industry. As of now, Bangladesh has capacity in excess for some products and segments. So the new investment and expansion are focusing on new products having scope to grow. New ventures need more investments, modern technology, enhanced efficiency, productivity, compliance and environment-friendly measures to be sustainable and competitive in the global supply chain.

In 2019, many knitwear manufacturers in Bangladesh, mostly small and medium, shut down, making thousands of people jobless. Non-compliance and lack of implementation of the new wage structure are largely blamed for the closures. Other reasons are a lack of enough work orders and loss of competitiveness due to a rise in production costs. Units also complain of not getting banking support in improving compliance and meeting other necessary expenses.