Bangladesh is the highest sourcing destination of Denim

                                                                 Global Denim market size of $76.1 billion by 2026

Staff Correspondent: Bangladeshi denim products are dominating the global markets by beating its competitors in the European markets as well as in the United States market.


According to the BGMEA, Bangladesh has retained its position as the top blue denim exporter to the United States with a massive 47.25 percent increase in the first quarter of 2022. BD’s export 1.18 billion dollar in EU (27), 15.19% growth (Y-o-Y), 26.82% share. Denim export has grown in EU by 5.77% annually during 2011-2021.

 Global Denim Market:: Global market for denim jeans was estimated at $64.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a revised size of $76.1 billion by 2026, growing at 4.8 per cent annually. Bangladesh is the highest sourcing destination of Denim both for EU and USA. Bangladesh’s Denim share in EU and USA imports in 2021: 26.82% & 21.69% respectively.


Bangladesh Denim Export and Market Bangladesh’s Denim trouser export in 2021: $2.5+ billion (approx.) and if we include other denim articles then our export is around $3.5 billion. Bangladesh export Denim to almost all the countries in the world. USA is the largest market for us followed by Germany.

Investment in Denim Bangladesh: New investments both in fabrics and garments manufacturing and increased capacity are playing major roles in establishing Bangladesh’s dominance in the US and EU markets. But manufacturers are also investing in research and development of high end products, helping them get a better price.denim

Bangladesh currently exports Blue Denim Trousers WG, Blue Denim Trousers MB, Blue Denim Skirts, Blue Denim Jackets, Blue Denim Suit Type Coats MB, Playsuits, and Sunsuits, among other products, to the international markets. The major global retailers to which Bangladeshi entrepreneurs also supply denim products include H&M, Uniqlo, Tesco, Walmart, Levi’s, Diesel, Wrangler, G-Star, s.Oliver, Hugo Boss, and Gap.