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Bangladesh Home textile products exports grew by 15% in 2020


Exports made by Bangladesh from home textile products grew by 15% and reached 936 million dollars by 2020, which is close to its $1 billion goals, according to the Export Promotion Bureau. The home culture job in western countries has proved a mini-blessing for home textile exporters in Bangladesh.

The second most important exporter of clothing, Bangladesh, has benefited from the increasedhome-textile demand for home textiles as it has a variety of items of high quality at fair prices. Bangladesh Home textiles include bed sheets, towel and other textiles, towels, tapestries and toppers, sheets, linen for the kitchen, curtains, pillows and coat coverings and quilts coverings. Exports from home textile products from Bangladesh last year showed a 15% increase to 936 million dollars, near their 1 billion dollar target. In comparison, wearing the lion’s share of export income, revenues plummeted by 17 percent to $27.5 billion in the same year. During the fiscal year 2020-201, however, domestic textile shipments rose by 48 per cent to $547.48 million in July-December.