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Bangladesh Looks at Coronavirus Pandemic


In the aftermath of Covid 19’s global pandemic outbreak, resulting in thousands of shops being shut down across the world; Bangladesh faces a very dim future. Brands and customers had their orders cancelled. Buyers and companies escape liability for their company decisions, because they face catastrophic circumstances themselves.

Reports say that Tk 20,000-25,000 crore ($2.36-2.4 billion) business orders are likely to be cancelled tp. This is the sum of the estimated value of the goods to be delivered in port, onboard and in output. Similarly, a further Tk of cloth fabrics worth 20-25 million is stitched or cut to stitch. Another Tk of fabrics worth 250-300 million has been ordered to various suppliers whose value has already been paid by the bank. That’s how, in this process, Bangladesh industry already owes Taka worth billions. Factories in Bangladesh are afraid that if the current crisis continues, most factories won’t even have the money to pay their electricity bills. And they’re concerned about costs to reach their staff ahead of the Eid festivity, if things don’t get better.