“Bangladesh RMG industry has shown that a mutual approach can accomplish great things”

Brands Fashion is the market leader for sustainable workwear in Europe. This textile pioneer has been developing high-quality and fashionable workwear for well-known companies in Europe and the USA since 2002. Its portfolio also includes a wide range of private label, merchandising and promotional items. Its clients’ individual requirements are at the heart of its work. Brands Fashion is a one-stop solution provider, from creative design and market-oriented product development through to global logistics and online store solutions. In 2019, Brands Fashion founded Go Jungo GmbH in partnership with the Danish company Scan Thor. As an innovative platform, the start-up company takes over the complex and time-consuming processes involved in successfully selling on online marketplaces for brands, particularly textile companies.

Mr. Mathias Diestelmann,
Managing Director of Brands Fashion

Mathias Diestelmann is the Managing Partner / CEO of Brands Fashion GmbH. Recently Textile Focus coordinator Mr. Pranta Biswas had a conversation with Mr. Mathias Diestelmann, Managing Director of Brands Fashion. In his speech, Mr. Mathias shared his views on the pandemic impact and sustainable growth of Brand Fashion. For our Readers, the key points of conversation are mentioned below.

Textile Focus: Could you please give a brief about Brands Fashion?

Mr. Mathias: Brands Fashion is Europe’s market leader for sustainable Workwear & Fan Merchandize. We have a holistic sustainable approach to developing & sourcing our apparel and work every day to convince more customers worldwide to follow us on this path.

Knowing that not every step in this global industry can be taken at once, we have continuously and consequently over the last years improved our articles and will strive even further in the future to evolve from an assembly line economy to a closed-loop resource-saving circular economy. Our positive attribute is that we at Brands Fashion are intrinsically motivated and believe that this advanced sustainable business model has a bright economic future ahead. All our joint team efforts within Brands Fashion and together with our international partners & customers have been rewarded this year by achieving the renowned Germany Sustainability Award for international partnerships.

Textile Focus: How did you observe the fashion business during the pandemic?

Mr. Mathias: We have witnessed mainly a change in consumers’ buying behavior as obviously, e-commerce has received massive additional attention. Brick & Mortar Retail was partly shut and in general, the motivation to buy fashion has been disrupted slightly during the peak of the pandemic. However, I personally believe that this pandemic has also made us even more aware of what we really need and consumer behavior will continue to be more stringent & focused compared to pre-corona times.

Finally, There will be a decline in low price mass market textiles ahead of us, and sustainability and long-life quality will receive higher attention in the future. Climate change and its worldwide local effects will raise consumer awareness of this challenging topic.

Textile Focus: What is the specialty of Brands Fashion?

Mr. Mathias: All goods which we offer have a sustainable aspect. Knowing that not all customers are on an equal sustainable level, we offer it in various stages and try to guide our customers over time to a more sustainable, eco-friendly and socially fair product & production. We have been the first company in Germany to be rewarded with the label ‘Green Button’ given by the German Government and underlining our holistic sustainable business model.

Textile Focus: You have a partner in Bangladesh, what is your observation about Bangladesh Textile and apparel market?

Mr. Mathias: Our partners in Bangladesh have achieved great accomplishments in the last few years. There had been massive investments to enhance building safety, become more eco-friendly in production, and pay fair salaries to workers. Bangladesh has shown that a mutual approach can accomplish great things and I personally believe that the textile industry in Bangladesh is suited very well for the future.

Textile Focus: What is your sustainability measure?

Mr. Mathias: First of all, we have to accept that there is no silver bullet. We at Brands Fashion believe in several global sustainability standards knowing that every standard has to be supervised and improved permanently. Seeing it from the end, we are doing business and simultaneously protecting the only planet that we have for future generations and can live in a global society that is built on fairness and reciprocal understanding of each other’s challenges.

Textile Focus: Any message to the global textile Industry?

Mr. Mathias: Real partnerships pay off long-term if they are honest, transparent & on the same eye level – of course, we are in a business world and every party needs to make enough profits to sustain, grow and prepare for the future. But we should never forget that only together we can improve & revitalize our textile industry to make it future-worthy and sustainable.