“Bangladesh textile companies need to be enabled to hold their own international scenario by improving Infrastructure, Process and Product sustainability”- ALESSANDRO ZUCCHI


The Textile Machinery industry plays vital role for technological advancement in the area of textile industry. Italian Machinery companies have been supporting Bangladesh Textile industry for achieving sustainable business growth.



Recently Team Textile Focus covered an interview with MR. ALESSANDRO ZUCCHI, PRESIDENT OF ACIMIT (the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers). Mr. Zucchi shared some key points on machinery business during the pandemic and also gave an analytical feedback of Bangladesh textile industry development. For our readers, the conversation is below-

Textile Focus: What was your observation about global textile machinery business during Pandemic period?

The textile machinery industry, like many others sector, experienced a marked slowdown during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. There was a partial recovery in the second half of 2020 and 2021 opened with order intake growth However, it will be difficult to return to pre-pandemic levels before 2022.

Textile Focus: What are the recent development approach of ACIMIT?

One of the aims of our association is the promotion of Italian textile machinery worldwide. Obviously, the pandemic and the consequent travel restrictions have limited ACIMIT’s promotional activities. We have tried to make up for this by participating with member companies in virtual trade show or by presenting the Italian technological offer through webinars that could reach foreign textile operators remotely. Now we hope that with the spread of the vaccination campaign you can return to normal even with regard to the usual promotional activities of ACIMIT.

Textile Focus: What are the challenges to boost up Machineries business between Bangladesh and Italy?

Bangladesh is among the most important markets for Italian textile machinery manufacturers. Strengthening the ties between the textile sector of Bangladesh and our companies is one of the goal of ACIMIT. It will be pursued by making known the Italian technology, characterized by a very high quality/price ratio, reliability and versatility of its products to Bangladesh textile entrepreneurs. During the years ACIMIT, in collaboration with Italian Trade Agency, the Italian Government agency voted to the promotion of Made in Italy, has organized several meetings between Bangladeshi textile operators and Italian manufacturers both in your Country and in Italy.

Textile Focus: What are your observations about Bangladesh Textile and Apparel Industry Growth?

Over the past decade, the textile and apparel industry of Bangladesh has grown significantly in both volume and quality. Now a further step is needed. The Country’s textile companies need to be enabled to hold their own in international scenario (improving infrastructure, ensuring continuity of production, etc.). It is also necessary to pay attention to product and process sustainability. This is what consumers and, consequently, the world’s leading apparel brands are demanding.

Textile Focus: Any Message to the Industry?

In the process of growth that the textile sector in Bangladesh has undertaken, it is essential to use machinery that can offer sustainable technological solutions, both from the environmental side and economic one (highly reducing or eliminating the emission or use of hazardous substances in production processes, ensuring greater water saving along with improved energy efficiency in production processes, enabling recycling of materials that have reached the end of their life cycle). In order to reach these goals, textile companies of Bangladesh can rely on reliable technological partners such as the Italian ones.