Bangladesh textile industry is advancing very rapidly …….Mr. Michael Ren, Manager of Overseas Dept., Dymatic Chemicals, Inc.

Mr. Michael Ren, Manager of Overseas Dept., Dymatic Chemicals, Inc.

DYMATIC Chemicals, Inc. founded in 1989 a leading company dedicated to producing textile auxiliaries and other fine chemicals in China. Currently, the company operates more than 10 locations across China to fulfill the demand of more than 20 countries around the world. Dymatic is well known as supplier of energy saving and ecofriendly textile auxiliaries.  The company has their business in Bangladesh market for a long time. Recently they have set up their local office here to expand their business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh textile market is expanding day by day with quantity and quality of products. For this Dymatic Chemicals thinks Bangladesh market very potential at this time. Mr. Michael Ren, Manager of Overseas Dept., Dymatic Chemicals, Inc. recently visited Bangladesh. Textile Focus (TF) editor M A Islam Riyadh had a conversation with Mr. Michael Ren and Mr. Meer Md. Rasel Khan, Country Manager, Bangladesh. Some of the key discussion points are mentioned bellow for our readers.

Textile Focus: Please give a brief on your business in textiles?

Michael: Chinese market is the biggest textile market in the world. For the fast growing industries in China in 1989 Dymatic Chemicals, Inc. stared it’s business. Dymatic has grown up enough for the time being and now it’s a reputed name for textile chemicals. In 2005 we established a joint venture project with German based silicones expert company Wacker. In 2006 Dymatic become listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Along with the global development especially in textile business of China is relocating around the world due to labor cost and environment. Now we are also changing our strategy accordingly; we are intent to go end customer directly so we can get the real comments from the customers regarding our products. Requirements of products depend on customers and are very keen to meet their requirements. At present we have almost 600 products. The company has full capacities of product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and technical support.

Textile Focus: How do you see the prospect of Dymatic Chemical business in Bangladesh?

Michael: We are very confident about our products. At present value added products are increasing and the market is also challenging. To compete the market is challenging at the same time it is also opportunities. When we meet the customer directly, there is a chance to improve the industry. This is the chance to get response from the industry. This way we are developing our products and services. We have full range set up of producing innovative and ecofriendly products easily and rapidly. So, we can see a very good prospect of Dymatic products in textile market.

(from left)- Meer Md. Rasel Khan, Country Manager, Dymatic Chemicals Inc, Mr. Michael Ren, Manager of Overseas Dept, Dymatic Chemicals Inc, M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus.

Textile Focus: How do you see the dyes & chemicals market of Bangladesh?

Michael: We started our business in Bangladesh 8 years back. We were doing our business through agents and sometime it’s a little bit tough to get the real scenarios and response of our customers. We need to get the pulse of our customer because market in China and market in Bangladesh is different due to so many reason i.e requirements, machinery, technology etc. We are always ready to hear from our customers and that’s why we have set up our local office here headed by Mr. Meer Rasel Khan. We have a big market plan about Bangladesh market. For this we are studying the market and industry pattern directly.

Textile Focus: As a whole how do see the pattern of the textile industry in this region (South Asia)?

Michael: For textile business Bangladesh has a very good strength and advantage. Pakistan is strong at home textiles. India has a huge domestic demand. Bangladesh is already in textile market for a long time. Bangladesh has now full facilities including yarn, fabric, fabric dyeing and garment making. So, Bangladesh textile industry is on the right track and moving forward rapidly. The mind setup of the factory owner, worker, mid management, supplier and technology has been changed rapidly. There are qualified professional everywhere.

Textile Focus: What about your Research & Development unit? Do you have any R&D unit?

Michael: Research and Development (R&D) is very essential for a company if they want good quality products. To change the technology with value added products R&D is must. Dymatic has strong R&D team. Most of our products comply with ZDHC, GOTS, Eco Passport, REACH certificate. We are in compliance with all buyer’s requirements. Dymatic believe in sustainability.

dymaticAiming to the China’s local market as well as global market, Dymatic develops products tailored individually to the specific needs of its customers. The company has established the leadership in textile chemicals and expanded to leather chemicals, polyurethane chemicals, and foaming agents, etc.


Textile Focus: How do you see textile chemical market of Bangladesh as so many companies are doing business here?

Michael: It’s challenging and also opportunity to play with quality products. This industry is improving day by day. Where there is a competition there is a development. We are ready for competition, what we need to do is hard work with innovative thinking. We have some special products, technology and solutions. We are open with working companies together for mutual benefits.

Currently we are promoting our regular products to Bangladesh market along with the strong products. As for example silicones, softener, printing thickeners, color fastness agent, fixing agents, wash off. We have confident on those products.

Textile Focus: Thank you.