Bangladesh Textiles & Apparels Industry Owners and People are cordially invited to pay a visit to DATATEX Stand -H9B318 at ITMA 2023

The Analyst Limited Selling and Implementing Integrated Data Based Business Process Management Systems & Solutions together with its signature service products CFOO and BHASKAR ACCOUNTING LAB for Enterprise Excellency. The company is an integrated data-based business process management & CFOO services, systems & solutions provider together with its global ERP software technology partner DATATEX  to deliver business performance accelerating its excellency under B to B relationship integrating the core four pillars of the business :(1) Products, Production & Technology (2) Marketing & Sales (3) Finance, Accounting & Information System (4) Human Capitals & Compliance in a single platform & uniform database establishing Integrated Management Eco-system for a next-generation sustainable business in Textiles & Apparels Industry. Team Textile Focus talked with Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Chief Business Officer and Managing Director, The Analyst Limited. Key discussion points are mentioned below for our readers

Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Chief Business Officer and Managing Director, The Analyst Limited

Textile Focus: Could you please share with us the recent scenario of the Global Textile Industry? 

Bhaskar Ranjan: The global Textiles Industry is a mass-needed and never-ending industry. Apparels vis-à-vis clothes are necessities for people around the globe, like food & shelter. The global scenario of the industry is steady growth in all together fiber to garments. The industry’s size, including all allied products Fiber to Garments, including machines, dies & chemicals, is indicated during the decade of 2021-2030 with the range of about USD 950-1500 billion with a compound annual growth rate of about 4%. Bangladesh’s textile and Apparels Industry is proudly part of this global industry, increasing its pie steadily.

The industry is transforming rapidly in all aspects of its resources – Man, Machine, Materials, Money, Method, and Management embracing the digital technology disrupted continuously for enhancement of productivity and efficiency, protecting the planet assuring industry sustainability and circularity following the principle of reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources & products.

Textile Focus: ITMA is one of the most powerful textile technology EXPO; this year, what will be presenting from Datatex? 

Bhaskar Ranjan: True, ITMA is one of the largest textile technology exhibitions showcasing all the latest innovations of technology embraced machine and software for the Textiles Industry: Fiber to Garments in regular intervals of four years.

The industry is in the Era of Industry 4.0 because of the Invention of the Internet in all aspects of the establishment of cyber-physical connectivity: Machine to Machine, Machine to Man, Man to Machine, Plant to Plant, Office to Office and Man to Man capturing transactions generating real-time data producing information for Sample Room to Board Room.

Integrating all the business processes in one platform and uniform database utilizing industry-specific software technologies like Comprehensive ERP Software Suites as it is called otherwise Integrated Business Process Management System for the establishment of smooth industry specific Supply Chain Systems and Solutions with its continuous improvements assuring the flow of data, information, and documents across the businesses and companies uninterruptedly with less human interventions as much as possible is time demand necessity for next generation in a digital transformation.

Datatex, with its continuous endeavors since the year 1987 to transform industry management into a digital management system, is providing Comprehensive ERP Software Suites NOW, Services, and Solutions for the Textiles and Apparels Industry globally, establishing its footprints in every continent of the world, serving 1000+ companies and 20,000+ users of Datatex ERP Software Suites from Fiber to Garments across the value chain of Global Textiles Industry. Every ITMA Datatex event presents its latest innovative industry-specific comprehensive ERP Software & Suites for catering to the industry needs, and there is no exception at the forthcoming ITMA 2023. Datatex will be exhibited its latest creative complete ERP Software Suites NOW, Services, and solutions in all together Integrated Textiles Industry Management Systems and solutions from Fiber to Garments for enhancement of productivity and management efficiency, contributing to the journey of making the industry sustainable, facilitating the initiative of circular production following the principle of 3Rs reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources & products.

Textile Focus: What are the expectations about Bangladeshi textile owners for Visit ITMA?

Bhaskar Ranjan: Bangladesh’s Textile & Apparels Industry has achieved a milestone establishing its well-performed footprint in the global textile industry and thriving for transformation in all aspects of Man, Machine, Materials, Method, Technology, and Management into the digital system for reaching its next level and next generation sustainable business. The industry owners are in quest of the right technology partners with the industry-specific right technology for achieving its digital transformation to manage the industry with a holistic view reducing its wastage as much as possible, establishing and following the industry’s best rules of the business globally followed.

Datatex is keen to meet Bangladeshi Textile Owners’ needs above establishing the world’s best management ecosystem integrating all the value Chains across the businesses of the industry owner’s enterprise.  Datatex, with high expectations, is ready to welcome Bangladeshi Textile Owners at Stand H9B318 at ITMA 2023, exhibiting its long-experienced capabilities, demo presentation, and interactive discussions to cater to Bangladesh Textiles & Apparels industry much needed integrated business process management system requirements.

Textile Focus: What are the leading activists at ITMA from Datatex?

Bhaskar Ranjan: Datatex will exhibit its comprehensive ERP Suites NOW to valued visitors with a one-to-one meeting showing how its globally 45 years + of long-experienced ERP Suites & Solutions integrate all the business processes in a single platform having a uniform database to serve the level-based manager to manage the process driven by data capturing real-time transactions reducing its repetitive works establishing cross functionally verified data integrity across the enterprise –

  1. Design to Develop to Plan to Produce to Delivery,
  2. Quote to Order to Cash,
  3. Quote to Order to Pay, 
  4. Record to Report to Analyze to Insights,
  5. Utilization to Optimization – Enterprise Resources
  6. Finally, Effective Efficiency

Visualizing its business impact disclosing company/enterprise performance in the context of the four most important desired fundamental perspectives-

  1. Financial Perspective – How Do Corporate Look to Shareholders?
  2. Customer Perspective – How Do Customers See Corporate?
  3. Internal Business Perspective – What Must Corporate Excel at?
  4. Innovation & Learning Perspective – Can Corporate Continue to Improve and Create Value?

Bangladesh Textiles Industry Business Enterprise must be and should be integrated deploying industry-specific globally experienced comprehensive ERP suites and solutions for its well-management and enhancement of management efficiency for making a sustainable enterprise for its next level and next generation transforming it into digital catering its customers more and more efficiently.

Bangladesh Industry Owners and People are cordially invited and gladly requested to pay for their VISIT TO DATATEX STAND H9B318 at ITMA 2023