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Bangladesh urges Uk to create global supply chain sustainability fund


Bangladesh High Commissioner for the United Kingdom Saida Muna Tasneem urged the United Kingdom to set up a global supply chain sustainability fund for post-COVID-19 socio-economic recovery of countries victimized by British retailers. The rising in the number of unethical cancellations and non-payment by UK retailers for manufactured apparels is victimizing its 4.5 million employees in the Bangladesh RMG industry.

Tasneem also urged the UK to ensure equitable and affordable access to vaccines and therapeutics manufactured by the UK and other developed countries for the most vulnerable countries including LDCs. She was addressing a ‘High Commissioners’ Virtual Conference’ organized by the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Minister of State for South Asia, Commonwealth, the UN and the DFID, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon this week. Tasneem was one of the eight speakers at the conference participated by more than 48 high commissioners of the Commonwealth, UK’s Joint Head of International Engagement of the HMG Coronavirus Taskforce Alastair King Smith and UK FCO High Officials including the Commonwealth Envoy, Philip Parham.

She also briefed the conference on Bangladesh ‘s groundbreaking and unparalleled initiatives, including a $11.50 billion COVID-19-response social security emergency assistance and opportunity program to secure the livelihoods of the society’s most vulnerable group. British FCO Minister Lord Ahmad, who chaired the virtual meeting, assured Tasneem of UK ‘s continued commitment and support to the post-COVID-19 recovery of socio-economic and sustainable growth in Bangladesh.