Bangladesh will be the biggest industrial hub in near future- Marco Nava, Global Sales Director, Garmon Chemicals

img_2664Garmon Chemicals is a leader in the R&D and marketing of total chemical solutions, innovation and creativity for the denim and apparel industry. The company is internationally recognized as symbol of pioneering evolution in the name of a better tomorrow. Rooted in Italian’s tradition and passion for design, Garmon Chemicals is the essence of chemistry at the service of fashion. Garmon Chemicals aims at developing a sense of science-driven, inspiring creativity for a cutting edge, creative community of customers. Since its birth in 1982, Garmon Chemicals established itself at the very centre of a narrative that talks about innovative chemical auxiliaries and solutions. For over 30 years, Garmon Chemicals has been an R&D and marketing platform for fashion innovation and a reference for product quality and responsible practices. Recently Textile Focus editorial team met Mr. Marco Nava, Global Sales Director, Garmon Chemicals & Mr. Tariq Hameed, Country Manager-Bangladesh, Garmon Chemicals. Some of the key discussion has been mentioned bellow for our readers-

 Textile Focus: Can you please brief Garmon Chemical business in textile?

Marco Nava: Garmon is in Bangladesh market more than 10 years. We are the pioneer in innovation and fashion in washing industry. We developed very strong connection in the garment industry of Bangladesh during last 10 years. As we all know that industry is changing rapidly and there is a continuous pressure from the brands for more sustainable washes on garment and increases the requirement of transparency. This is what we are doing for the last couple of years. Training and teaching our customers is the most innovative sustainable process of our development and also know how the production process should be proceeded as per the buyer in order to meet their requirements. This is our strategy and this is an investment for future sustainable development. Our research & development is a continuous process and definitely Bangladesh Garment industry will be benefited   by the innovations of Garmon.

With manufacturing facilities in San Marino, Brazil, China, India and Turkey the company operates in more than 30 countries through a commercial network of subsidiaries and agents. This global footprint ensures technical assistance in strategic textile areas around the world, as well as capillary distribution of both chemical products and related know-how.

Garmon Chemicals
Photo (from left): Marco Nava, Global Sales Director, Garmon Chemicals; M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus; Mr. Tariq Hameed, Country Manager-Bangladesh, Garmon Chemicals.

Textile Focus: How do you see textile industry of Bangladesh?

Marco Nava: Bangladesh textile industry has a very bright future. We are finding that the big buyers are shifting from China, though China is still the biggest market for textile. China is becoming more expensive. Now Bangladesh can be the right choice for producing best quality garment. Other countries can’t compete with Bangladesh in terms of quality and prices. We don’t see any danger and afraid to Bangladesh industry in future. For this government should implement industry friendly policy. Garmon is giving more importance to Bangladesh industry. We can see a lot of very smart, talented and energetic entrepreneurs and they are investing in the right direction in skill and process developments.

Textile Focus: How do you see textile industry of Bangladesh 05 years back and now?

Marco Nava: If I compare 05 years ago, today I might say we have increased our business more than double. Our target in next 05 years to boost the business double comparing now. Believe me, Bangladesh will be the biggest industrial hub in near future.

Few years back buyers considered Bangladesh as cheap products producer. But now they are thinking Bangladesh for premium quality products. American and European buyers are coming to Bangladesh because of quality, innovation and investment that you are having in Bangladesh.

Textile Focus: What about Garmon Chemical R&D?

Marco Nava: Garmon Chemicals R&D is where our chemists create solutions that could come from no other place. There is no playing to the conventions of the category; there is no playing to the lowest common denominator.

Our R&D is more than a chemical laboratory. It is the innovator soul. It is Garmon Chemicals’ beating heart. The place where ideas are born and developed. Supported by latest generation technologies, our R&D is a dynamic, open-minded environment that defines new standards of excellence. Our R&D team is aware of the relentless fashion drumbeat and therefore constantly manages dozens of projects, whose common denominator is surprising fashion effects.

Textile Focus: Garmon claims as the first textile chemical producer to be Greenscreen certified, how do you ensure that?

Marco Nava: GreenScreen Certified™ builds on GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, the globally recognized tool for chemical hazard assessment that encourages the design and use of inherently safer chemical ingredients. GreenScreen Certified™ is owned by the NGO Clean Production Action (CPA) and Garmon Chemicals is the first one to introduce this certification to the apparel industry.

GreenScreen Certified™ is what ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) recommends as one of the best tools to assess the safety of chemicals and one of the tools of their Chemical Gateway.

We started the collaboration with GreenScreen almost 4 years ago. We are focusing on sustainable chemicals products and the collaboration is fantastic. We have now more then 45+ products GreenScree certified.

Textile Focus: After the acquisition by Kemin Industries what major changes happened?

Marco Nava: Garmon Chemicals announced January 2018 an exciting new chapter in its 30-year history. Kemin Industries, a global ingredient company that uses science to touch 3.8 billion people every day with its products and services, has entered into an agreement to acquire the textile auxiliary business of Garmon Chemicals. The companies will be gradually integrated over the next few months. All apparel and textile customers will continue to be served exclusively by the Garmon brand, with the values and benefits that they have come to expect and to respect over the years.

There is no so much changes. Garmon is a successful brand, so it does not need to do major changes. The acquisition will further increase the Garmon brand’s R&D scope, commercial penetration and service level throughout the textile auxiliary global markets. The acquisition is expected to result in greater efficiencies and significant increase of market share. The company’s global headquarters will remain in The Republic of San Marino.

With this acquisition, Kemin is able to play a significant role in additional textile markets. Kemin will continue to provide quality products and services to over half of the world’s population every day, and will enter the textile industry with the new Garmon acquisition.

Textile Focus:  What about recent developments of products and upcoming game changing technology?

Marco Nava: Recently in Bangladesh Denim Expo we presented new range of products. Strengthening by recent acquisition by Kemin Industries, Garmon has developed what it says is a “cutting-edge” Stretch Care Green Collection. The company is focusing on three main pillars- sustainability, constant innovation and stronger relationship with its customers- and the new collection consists of all eco-sustainable & GreenScreen Certified products. Characteristics of the treatments include minimum loss if elasticity for superior shape retention and recovery performance, protection of fabric and accessories from damage; a softer touch to garments; and an eco-sustainable and significantly optimized production process.

Textile Focus: As representative of Gramon in Bangladesh how do you feel doing business here and how you manage the technical support?

Tariq Hameed: We are here for more than 10 years. I can see the very bright future of Bangladesh Garment Industry. We created a benchmark in the garment industry with the development and sustainable products. Together cooperation we can make the milestone.

Garmon European technical experts frequently visit Bangladesh. We conduct the development process in the garment industry in every month or every two months. We bring the new concepts, we bring the new technology. We also have local team here, they are being guided by the senior European technicians.

Textile Focus: Why industry will use Garmon products rather than other products in the market?

Tariq Hameed: Garmon is not a chemical company, we are the inventor, and we invent products. We bring the products with innovation and fashion that is our benchmark that make us different than the normal chemical suppliers. Bangladesh market is very friendly market, which need the prover process of production.

Bangladesh industry has been improved in knowledge, technology. Now foreign experts are coming here to train and also local engineers are going abroad to be trained. Some of the leading organization has their own R&D.

Our aim is to change the industry perception that good and eco-friendly chemical products are not using not only for high end products but also every kind of fabric and garment. Using Garmon products ensure certified products and complete in terms of quality and cost.

Textile Focus:  Any special message if you want to convey to our readers and textile industry of Bangladesh?

Marco Nava: Customers consider Garmon as their development partner in the industry. We are here to say and build very bright future. In 10 years’ time we have become a benchmark in the industry.